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Rise, Align & SHINE! 

 Live your Empowered True
Potential with Clear Tools Transmissions Time!


Clear Tools

To live my ideal life and unique intuitive passionate flow, I find it most important to set up for the day by coming into alignment

 Intentions, gratitude, movement and breath are KEY in my experience to personally align to my true self. Even with (especially with!) a busy lifestyle, by simply taking at least a couple of minutes to connect to ourselves, release what is no longer serving and deeply ground our energy by connecting to the earth, it makes a huge difference to the whole day.

We can experience increased Energy, Productivity, Peace, Passion, Purpose and any personal intentions we choose and therefore create more time to do what we want to do!



 Free Morning Activation Meditation!

✓Clear, Centre & Ground your Energy

✓Access your Unique Intuitive Flow
✓Receive Clarity, Insight and Inspiration
✓Create your Ideal Day


Clear Transmissions Process

Energy Maintenance

Following Clear Transmissions people go through a life-improving process that can be described as a roller coaster ride.

A practice such as Clear Tools are Necessary to assist you with a more Balanced, Grounded Journey.

Although fantastic feelings of joy, peace, happiness, clarity, passion, awakening and connection  can be felt and continue to increase following a session, it can also be very challenging at times as that which you are ready to release, that is not your authentic pure essence, must rise to the surface, to be observed (practicing with compassion), felt and released.

This can result in DETOX type symptoms caused by lifetimes of pollution, such as :

  • Emotional release – fears, anger, frustration, sadness, impatience, grief, guilt, shame, insecurities.. etc. Anything that has been suppressed..

  • Physical releases – Itchy skin, dizziness, restlessness, aches, pains, nausea, mild fevers, vivid dreams, sensations, headaches

  • Changes in sleep patterns, eating patterns, thought patterns, perceptions,

  • A letting go/falling away of friendships, jobs, lifestyle, relationships, habits that are no longer serving you

  • Reprogramming of limiting belief systems, thought patterns, conditioning, programming etc

With an adjustment and improvement to all levels.

As these are released during and following the course of Clear Transmissions, you may also notice an increase in:

  • Feelings of Love, Peace, Presence, Grounding

  • Desire to sing, dance, rejoice and celebrate life

  • Synchronicity, divine timing and SO much magic and flow

  • A new awareness and perspective of life, self and others

  • Connection with nature, Spirit and relationships

  • Self-love, appreciation and acceptance

  • Sensitivity to seeing, feeling, hearing beyond the physical

  • Passion, Purpose, Clarity, Focus, Drive, Energy

  • More abundance flowing in

The following methods and intentions below have proven highly effective for myself and my clients to massively support our Accelerated Ascension, Shine our Unique Truth, whilst Living and Co-Creating a sustainable harmonious planet, our dreams and higher visions.


Feel Overwhelmed? Stressed? Too Busy? Feel you don't have time?!

 Then it is even MORE IMPORTANT for you to implement some very simple clear tools and BREATH that will GIVE YOU MORE TIME.

Taking a few minutes in your day to breath deeply, will make all difference.

The more you breath and connect in, the more your body can relax, the more your body can relax, the less stress you will feel. The more oxygen you have in your lungs, the more clear you can think, feel and are; the clearer your intent will be and the more life will FLOW, the more soul success you will have and therefor MORE time to do what’s important and all things you want to do and BE…

It is so simple.

Yet how many people forget to breath and believe they don't have time in their day to come back to their centre?!


Simply & Effectively...

 Read and Feel what resonates and works with you best……It’s up to you to establish how you would like them to be structured. Some people need a set routine, creating a personal sequence that they do at a set time each day. Whilst others, will vary the methods, sequence and timing each day to suit their flow (and joy!).

There is no set order or ‘right’ way of doing it. These have all proven enormously essential for me at various times throughout the day, becoming my unique way of joyfully living and I highly recommend at least some of them, in your own unique way, to be incorporated into your day to support you to live with greater ease, clarity and focused direction on your destined path.

You can move through the following 7 steps very quickly when you have a limited amount of time and you can listen to the guided meditation below, a simple quick clear tools and I recommend you prioritise spending more time on each section below when you can. 

If you are a practitioner holding space or working with people in any context, it is most important to keep your energy clear, set up the space and close your interacting energies once complete. The below steps can support you with this. 

Take 3 deep breaths to begin (as a minimum).

1. Gratitude (to Divine and Physical Assistance, Yourself and Life!) 

2. Release & Energise (coming back to your own energy centre) 

3. Ground your energy (even with just an intention) 

4. Alignment (Chakras, energy, channel)
5. Creating personal space (Crystalline/Rainbow Cocoon) 
6. Intentions (to set up for the most aligned day for your unique flow!) 
7. Enjoy your day of Clarity, Alignment and Flow! 

I also offer guided Clear Tools Transmissions Thursdays Groups twice a month for you to receive a deep energetic cleansing, balancing, grounding and aligning of your whole energy field, for you to be empowered, clear and motivated in your daily practice. 


When setting up your personal sacred space, I find it most supportive to acknowledge and give gratitude to all of our personal assistance. For Spiritual Assistance,  I ALWAYS state in alignment with my personal Truth/ Divine Will Always/ those who love Unconditionally / Pure Spirit (for my Highest Good -however it resonates with you as long as your intention is clear) so that I receive exactly what I (or my client) need in each moment, not too much or too little and from the appropriate source at the right timings. This is important to have clear discerning boundaries / filtered energy field to only allow energies into your space that are are supporting your whole being and path of evolution. You can also cleanse / dissolve / transform any disconnections from spirit to begin, so you are open for receiving.

We all have lots of Spiritual support available, however we also have free will and all we have to do is ask (with appreciation and faith).


Gratitude is SO powerful. It brings me back to presence, love and attracts more of what I am grateful for. Energetically, Emotionally, Experientially, Mentally, Spiritually and proven Scientifically!

I give gratitude to all that I see and feel around me, to my life and loved ones. I also give gratitude for what hasn’t yet manifested, feeling NOW the feelings that it will give me, as if it is already here.

I also give Gratitude to all of the following energies, frequencies, assistance and instantly receive the aligned energies which really clears and harmonises my field, raises my frequency and makes me feel so much love, peace and presence. All those who love me unconditionally, in Alignment with Divine Will Always.

You can connect briefly with all, or spend more time on each and feel the subtle differences in quality, feeling, energy that you receive. And be open to any messages that want to come through to best support you…

I give gratitude to:

Mother Earth, Father Sky, Great Holy Spirit, Guardian Angels, Arch Angels (each one and their twin flame), Ascended Masters, Pure Divine Feminine, Pure Divine Masculine, Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Ancestors, Family, Friends, Goddess’s, God’s, Elementals, Elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether, 4 Directions, North, South, East and West, Source and my personal Pure Spirit.


The Power of Intention; remembering we can choose to create our reality and everything starts with intention.

I give gratitude for all my love, clarity, peace, alignment, truth, embodiment, growth,  joy, strength, courage, wisdom, support, magic, bliss, happiness, freedom, awakening, abundance, health, intuition, prosperity, stability, guidance etc (insert your personal intentions/desires) in my life Now. This opens me to feel these feelings more and then attracts more of all these qualities with ease, grace and flow. 


Release and Energise

As old emotions, energies and thought-forms arise to the surface, they can be quickly released without holding on to them and getting stuck in the story. Also as we interact in the world and with others, many of us have been regularly taking on other peoples energies and giving away our own. 

Until we have mastered our energy field, staying centred within our own being, this exercise is beneficial to be done throughout the day. (Toilet breaks are great for this!!). 

You can visualise and /  or create something to release these energies into; e.g Sacred Fire, Mother Earth, Central Sun, Create a portal/star gate,  or feel into what resonates with you – just make sure you are emptying/transforming the energies into something.. (rather than your neighbour, hehe) 

I always state in Alignment with my True Self at this time – for some people the integration process can go too quickly and be too intense. With this surrender in balance with regular intentions, you can trust that your Spirit will adjust the speed tailored for your own needs. 

Take at least 3 deep breaths to begin. Continue to breath and: 

  1. 👋 Use your right hand (and/or visualisation) which is the Giving and Clearing hand to gather up energies not serving you.

      👋 "I release (and BREATH out) all energy no longer serving my “True Self” / that doesn’t belong to me, with love, I let           it go into (…) "

  2. 👋 Use your left hand (and/or visualisation) which is the receiving hand to gather in the pure energies. 

      👋 "I call back (and breath in) my True Essence in alignment with my Souls Path."

If you feel you are taking on someone else's energy for a number of reasons, or completing a session, you can then state : 

👏"I call back (and breath in) my True Essence in alignment with my Souls Path."

👏“I lovingly allow myself to be in my own energy field and on my own journey”

👏“I Lovingly allow …(Name) to be in their own energy field and on their own journey. ” 



The energies of the ROOT Chakra and the Earth are our most primal and vital energies. This exercise will help to connect you with the earths energies so that you feel stable, centred and at peace. Earthing can also be used as a clearing of unwanted energies as this is fuel for our Mother Earth, which can then be transformed and recycled into life force energy for us to breath in.

 (I combine this with the chakra cleansing, using the healing energy of the earth to open, activate and balance each chakra as I feel it moving up through my system, starting with the earth star chakra).

When possible, it is most beneficial to stand outside with your bare feet on the earth, preferably standing with a tree. To receive maximum grounding, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, slightly bent, pushing your feet deep into the ground. Squatting up and down whilst doing this exercise will really increase the energy flow through your legs for extra strength and stability in your root. Alternatively you can sit or lay, imagine or simply intend. 

🌳 Imagine big roots stemming from your feet (push into the ground) deep into the crystal core of mother earth and feel / visualise them anchoring you deep into the luscious nourishing earth.

🌳Here you can go on a journey into the depths of the earth, feeling your self sink deeper and deeper through all the layers of the moist, nourishing, dark womb of the earth.

🌳As you take a big deep breath in, thank Mother Earth for filling you with her Divine, grounding, nourishing, healing love energy and feel/imagine it as it enters your whole being. You can also imagine colour; deep earthy colours such as brown, red and terracotta. Feel as the energy enters into every cell of your body.

🌳Each time you breath out, one at a time release all energies, imbalances, ties, attachments, thoughts, patterns, anything no longer serving you into the earth. You will need to do this a few times.

🌳At any time you may feel to squat and shake! Feel and visualise the release of those excess energies in preparation to be filled with vitality 

🌳You can choose to continue moving down into the depths of the earth for as long as you feel you need until you reach the core of the Earth which is a giant pure Crystal. Here you can breath in these pure crystal frequencies and when you are ready to come back up to the top, create/ visualise/ feel a cord that connects you to this Crystal Core, up through the earth into your root up to your third Solar Plexus Chakra just above your navel which is your personal power centre to centre yourself and energy.

🌳Looking up to the sky, arms (branches) out stretched, feel / imagine that you are connecting to the core of the Central Sun, and with gratitude to ‘Father Sky’ (the Sun, Moon, Stars, Universe) to fill you with overflowing Divine Love, Light and Pure Cosmic Frequencies. Feel and imagine as this golden energy pours into every single cell of your whole body and being.

(Again this can be combined with the chakra cleansing, this time moving down the chakras, starting with the crown chakra / or 13th Chakra, feeling / visualising as they are cleared, opened, activated and balanced with all of this pure, Divine, golden, healing energy.

🌳Then with gratitude for the Great/Holy/Pure/Your Spirit, all around, to fill every cell of your energy field, breathing in the abundance of pure Source love, transforming you into a clear channel, a child connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky, completing the trinity.

🌳You can take more breaths up from your root, into your whole being and up through your crown and back down again. Really feel the limitless love flowing and pouring in and around you, cleansing, connecting and grounding.

Clifftop Yoga

Chakras  are energy centres in the etheric body that are found in specific locations within the physical body. Each chakra has an area of responsibility that is tied specifically to certain organs and glands as well as the emotional and spiritual bodies. When a chakra becomes imbalanced, blocked or damaged, it can cause emotional, mental and spiritual problems, leading to physical illness.

Total health depends upon a balance of the energies of our organs and glands, and total energetic health is manifest in the balance of the chakra energies. When the karma and energetic patterns which have obstructed the natural flow of energies through these centres is sufficiently cleared we experience the awakening of the central energy pathway of the body. This central pathway is sleeping, awaiting the conditions which allow it to awaken.

Once our chakras are cleared, our experience is fast-tracked to the manifestation of joy and awakening. We begin to live within our unique gifts, sharing light in the way to which each of us is suited.

Below is a simple exercise that you can do to clear your chakras and remove the blockages that have been accumulated through lifetimes of traumas and negative experiences.

Once these blocks have been properly cleansed, the body can return to its natural state of perfect health, pure energy can flow freely throughout the chakra system and the natural state of abundance, prosperity and joy can be achieved.

The more often you do this simple meditation, the easier it will be and you will see huge benefits in your life.

It is advised to have a regular session with a healer/ energy worker for support in identifying the cause of the blockage as patterns can continue to recreate. This will give you a clearing and balancing, bringing you a longer lasting alignment.

(I recommend using the Divine Assistance, healing frequencies and grounding with each Chakra for a more effective (blissful) clearing.)

Make it FUN!

As you increasingly integrate, your spirit will guide you as to what methods are best suited for you. Mine vary and change everyday, depending on where I am and how I feel. For me, it is all about keeping it interesting and fun, otherwise it can be easy to lose motivation, even when I know it makes me feel so much better, at peace, with clarity and direction.

You can combine the chakra cleansing with many of the ‘other clearing & grounding tools' below by using your intention.

Chakra Cleansing

  • Begin with the Root chakra (or earth star chakra that will have been activated during our session) and move up the chakras until each one is complete.

  • Using your intuition or imagination, notice/ feel/ sense its current condition. It may be a dull or a dark colour, feel warm, sticky, dense to begin with due to blockages. You can also circulate your hips, move your legs as you take deep breaths, visualise liquid golden healing light coming down through your crown chakra.

  • One by one, imagine each chakra being filled with this healing light. It will begin to open, the murky colours transforming into this divine light until it is a bright open the colour it is meant to be, with Golden light pouring out of its centre.

  • You can also use the power in your hands by holding your hand over the chakra, moving it in a clockwise motion until it has fully opened.

  • I also recommend to bring movement and any sound that authentically comes through ( it doesn’t have to be pretty!) into each body part as you move up the chakras which will help with the clearing.

  • There are mudras which are certain symbols you can use with your hands over the chakra (there are many different types you can search for online) which prove to be very effective.

  • You can also get creative and choose methods that best suit you. This can be through dance, art, sound, breath...   my favourite method at the moment is whilst I am in water which is one of the best purifications. At least once a day I immerse myself  in the purest of waters (when I can!), from lakes, rivers, waterfalls, ocean or a chemical free pool, bath or shower! and always give gratitude and set my intentions before I enter – Clearing all that no longer serves me and calling in my fullest potential. Along with dancing, this is my most fun way of chakra clearing!

  • I take each chakra out individually (yes this is possible! Anything is with a clear intention) and clear it in the water through shaking it in my hand and moving around whilst tuning in to its condition and using affirmations. This can be combined with sound and visualisation below. Have a play around and see what works for you!

To learn more about the chakras, for a personal reading of the conditions of your chakras and energy field, along with an in-depth cleansing, book a session with me here :   

Clifftop Yoga

Strengthen & be Sovereign

The old paradigm aura, which is a fragile energetic field that surrounds our body, can become blocked, damaged and have many holes in it due to a lifetime/s of density due to numerous factors. This can attract unwanted energies and and can cause personal energy to leak resulting in a lack of energy, emotional issues and an increase in illness.

There are many methods here you can choose from to strengthen and feel clear within your own energy field. Unless you have had the Clear Transmissions upgrade, you may need to keep doing these throughout the day as they are not permanent, lower vibrations create holes and you may need to use more than one/all depending on your location, situation and condition of your aura.

The more you focus, come within and use your intention, the less likely you are visible or will attract any outside energies. Also the more grounded and centred in your core/gut and heart, the stronger your Auric Field. It is also important to look within to establish the vulnerabilities that are attracting any lower energies/attachments etc into the field in the first place. Everything is law of attraction, we are responsible for creating everything in our reality.

It is important to note, the below methods are not creating a bubble of ‘protection’ as such, moving away from this separation and belief of a needing to protect from ‘negative’ energies ‘out there’, instead bringing attention, intention and awareness to our space and being empowered in what we allow in and give out…rather than being a ‘victim’ of life, energies, emotions, radiation, wifi etc, circumstances influencing our field, taking us out of balance and programs running where we may take on other peoples energies and/or leak our own)

GO TO ‘Other Clearing & Grounding Methods’ Below for Heart Opening.

Using any of the clearing and grounding method above to remove any recreated energies to begin. Again you can visualise, feel the energy, chant, sing etc and create your own.

I have learnt time and time again the importance of setting up my energy field around myself, my space and sessions. “I invoke a pure crystal cocoon that transforms energy around me and allows only the energies in alignment with me at this time,  to enter the space & transforms energy around me, so I am assured and confident that what is received are the energies of the exact frequency to assist with what is required at this time, not too much or too little. 

You can feel / visualise / intend crystal rainbow / pink unconditional love surrounding you at any point if the energy gets too intense or you need to focus upon something, this will help.

 Choose one, more or all…

  • Pure CrystalCocoon

  • Bright Divine light

  • All the colours of the rainbow

  • Golden/Violet/Silver (one or all) egg

  • A mirror to reflect the energies back

  • Earthy womb safe space

For those who have had the Clear Transmission can program their New Upgraded Template energy structure….

  • I program my energy field to dissolve all energies, attachments and cords that attempt to enter my space into Pure Unconditional Love/ Light/Celestial/Rainbow/Diamond/ and Crystal frequencies (any or all). (x3 to activate)

  •  I literally turn my vibration up, attuning my frequency to a higher station for my fullest potential so I am vibrating at a faster rate that is invisible from unwanted energies… It is like being on a different radio station …. Set the intention and you can literally imagine and/or use your hands to turn your personal channel up. This is only effective once you are clear in your own field.

  • I align to the crystalline grid and invoke the pure crystal/unconditional love frequencies in, through and around me in alignment with Divine Will (X3)

Certain chants, sounds and toning are very clearing, keeping lower energies away for example:

    • Intend, visualise and create a translucent, watery field, so all energy flows straight through, not sticking, remaining invisible from all other than your fullest potential.

    • Solidify, ground and anchor your aura structure with the element of earth to really strengthen your body and field.

    • Use the transmuting power of fire to burn through all energy not serving you and surround you with a ring of fire.

    • Feel the strength of wind that can clear away energies with a breath of fresh Air.

      • “Om Namaha Shivaya”
      • “Om Mane Padme Hum”
      • “Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh Adonai Tsebayoth” – It is said to be one of the most powerful chant in known world. “nothing that is not God” can exist when it is invoked – excellent at clearing – enormously effective for emotional pain. Clearing and protective.

Align to the Crystalline Heart Grid

Once we become fine-tuned, we can connect to this new earth crystalline grid that is also described as Christ consciousness/heart/unity grid. By reprogramming our beliefs, reclaiming our sovereignty and choosing love over fear with faith, we can transcend the old systems of control and be fully free and empowered.

Ocean Rocks

Other Clearing Methods

Love transforms all. Nothing else can exist when Love is present. This is the best form of ‘protecting’ our energy field from outside influences, by dissolving all around us into pure Love.

This can be a practice of staying in the heart. Our heart can become blocked, closed and guarded due to past traumas, hurt, loss, pain, rejection etc which can become so ingrained within our subconscious that we habitually close our hearts to protect ourselves from being hurt again.

By recognising these patterns, feeling the stuck emotions and transforming these energies, our hearts will open to receive and give more Love.

We can open our hearts through intention, visualisation and using our hands to send out all of your own unique healing essence to transform the energy to the highest vibration of Love.

You may want to use your hands to open the doors of the heart, stretch your arms out wide repeatedly in forward motions and when feeling more open you can do some backbends. Deeper energies will emerge, which can bring up emotions, feelings or unpleasant density that can then be transformed back into Love.

By being present with what arises, allow your internal spirit to guide you, there may be a thought, vision, feeling, emotion, story, pattern, attachment etc there to be observed so it is not recreated, or it may just be an energy that needs to be released with compassion and Love.

Once this feels clear you can then circle the energy in your aura with your fingers, hands or body in an upward motion to raise the frequency. And/or you can visualise the energy in your heart and energy field turning from a darker shade to a bright light, pink, green, rainbow, crystal or/and golden colours of blissful LOVE!!!

Clearing Cords

For those who have received the full Clear Transmissions upgrade –

  • Identify the cause of the unhealthy attachment – the cord will continue to be created until you find the root cause within yourself. (You may need support with this as it can be hard to see our own attachments). 
  • There may still be lessons, growth and gifts to be received from this connection
  • As we embody our essence and come into our own sovereignty – we are responsible for everything we attract into our energy field.
  • Maintaining a strong, clear energy field is vital to stay in our own power without influence of another persons energy and attachments.

  • Visualise/sense/imagine/feel the cord – without resistance you can use the power of your intention to release the cord in Love. As you do this you can send through your powerful crystal spirit energy down through the cord – purifying it.

  • Also refer to ‘Strengthen & be Sovereign’ above.


There are numerous Breath-work techniques that you can learn about that are highly effective and necessary for really deep clearing of blocked energy, traumas, toxins etc.

If you can find a breath workshop near you, I highly recommend it.

During a session I can also teach different breathing techniques and we can tune into methods that suit you best.

On a daily basis, keep reminding yourself to come back to the breath for peace, health, concentration and clarity.

I find intention with breath works best – for example – breathing in pure unconditional love and releasing all that no loner serves and when you feel really clear, breathing out unconditional love to the world/person/place etc.

Any time you feel stressed, anxiety, fear, overwhelmed, stuck, you will find that you are probably holding your breath or breathing very quickly.

Intend and work on regularly bringing your attention back to your breath and slow it down. This will instantly change your emotions to feel more peace. Taking some time out, even a quick toilet break to take some deep breaths will make the world of difference! Make this a habit! 

Yoga and stretching is fantastic for balance, grounding and clearing, especially when you add your intentions.  With any exercise, classes, the gym etc by starting the session with your personal intentions supports the clearing of any blockages and to create your intentions and desired effects. 

Sex and orgasm can incorporate all of the above and has the ability to be one of the most effective ways of clearing, healing and revitalising every cell of your body! You can direct the sexual energy in a circuit along the chakras, using breath and intention. Sexual energy is also a highly powerful creative force – make sure to set some strong intentions for your fullest potential and expect them to manifest!

There are many Sacred Sexual practices you can find online/books/workshops/teachers etc  follow your intuition/what feels right for you to find a suitable method of learning that suits you personally.

I mostly work with women in retreats on this topic where we go deep in different sexual practices to heal traumas and enhance pleasure and orgasm. Go to Retreats for upcoming retreats. 

Healing Frequencies:

Some of the powerful frequencies that I call in for healing on all levels and I have had MIRACULOUS HEALING RESULTS – mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, in Alignment with Divine Will  (always with gratitude):

  • I invoke the Electric Blue and Violet ray for healing (x3)

  • I invoke the Emerald Green ray of Healing (x3)

  • I invoke the Gold, Silver and Violet flame (x3)

  • I Invoke the Pink Flame of Unconditional Love (x3)

  • I Invoke the Golden Ray of Christ (x3)

  • I Invoke the Diamond Ray of Purity and Strength (x3)

  • And give Gratitude to Divine and Physical Assistance who Love Unconditionally for my Personal Alignment.

  • I also open my own heart Source and channel through my Golden, Rainbow, Crystal, Celestial and Pure Source frequencies of the highest vibration

  • You may use any or all of these, open and activate these yourself and your own unique frequencies will activate naturally through time as you upgrade and integrate.

You may also wish to sing, chant, OM, as well as shake and/or DANCE, swim, run, walk, bike riding, beach/sea, NATURE, talking and doing what you passionately LOVE are the BEST ways to clear energy or come up with your own method of clearing your energy using these tools. Just set the intention, breath, move, release and enjoy!  


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