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Rise, Shine and Align!

The Clear Tools Transmissions on Thursdays are to assist you with your IMPERATIVE energy field maintenance following a Clear Transmissions or for those of you on the awakening path and want to:

✨Align with your Souls Purpose
✨Deepen your Self – Empowered Healing
✨Strengthen your Spiritual Connection
✨Be Present, at Peace & Harmony
✨Live Heart Centred 
✨Step into Self-Mastery
✨Feel greater Passion, Inspiration and Joy

Image by Kristopher Roller

Clear Tools

Clear, Sparkle and Boost
your Energy


Clear TOOLS Transmissions

✨Create your ideal reality your True Heart & Soul wishes to BE, Live and See in the World ✨

Receive Every 1st and 3rd Thursday  - to Support your journey of Living & BEing in your Truth to

A Channelled Energetic Transmission, for you to Receive where-ever you are in the World, providing an Effective -

🌳 Clearing, Balancing, Grounding, Energising & Activation

🌳 Mind, Body & Spirit Alignment

🌳 Massive Energy Boost for you to feel Alive and Awaken you for an Empowered day of your Unique Flow.

With your intentions you can experience Greater Health, Peace, Love, Passion, Joy and Freedom.


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These energetic sessions are for you to receive a big clearing of accumulated energies, including your :

  • Channel

  • Energy field 

  • Chakras

  • Meridians 

  • Organs 

  • Physical body, Emotional body, Mental body, Etheric body &

  •  All layers of your energetic being.

to give you motivation, inspiration, spirit drive and passion.

As always, only that which is necessary

and you'r ready for at this time.

With great importance is a

✓Strong Grounding 





✓Embodiment of your Spirit.

Clear Tools Transmissions will support you on your self-empowered journey to feel peace, and clear within your own energy field, with heightened intuition and embodiment of your True Essence.

Wilka testimonial.jpg

It was very strong for me, we were meditating actually the whole time.. And later things were moving, making funny noises and singing beautiful angel channeling.. Crazy dancing and also druming with rapé and yawanawa singing.. We had a great time.. Suuper strong and intense, need some good rest and integration, big things are happening

Willika Chaki

Connect to your Internal Guidance System (IGS)

By committing to our truth, doing our personal healing and maintaining our energy field, we can embody more of our spirit and our intuitive connection increases. We can feel from WITHIN our guidance, and as our Internal Navigation System becomes increasingly fine tuned, we can feel, hear, see and express our truth with greater confidence and clarity.

During these Clear Tools Transmissions, your system is cleansed on every-level (the amount your ready for) so that your spirit can move through you and teach YOU the way that you can best be self-empowered on your healing.

Depending on you and your unique journey, during the journey (and potentially afterwards) you may feel intuitively guided to:

  • Use hand gestures/ movements/ symbols on parts of your body / energy field

  • Stretch, do yoga, move around, walk, dance, shake or run

  • Vocalise sound frequencies/ words/ noises/ screaming /crying 

  • See visions, memories, thoughts, patterns, habits that may be highlighted 

  • Hear guidance, words, sounds, messages

  • Or you may need to just lay down, rest, relax and receive which is perfectly acceptable also

What do I need to do?

Set aside at-least 1 Hour 11 minutes for the Clear Tools Transmission – A Time that suits your Schedule.

It is possible to start, pause and receive more later if you have limited time. You will more likely go deeper within yourself if you can receive all at once, but not essential.  

It is recommended as early in the day as possible to set you up for the day with Clear Intentions

Session Begins once you set your Intention

At your chosen time and space, open up to receive with the following statement: 

"I am now open to receive the Clear Tools Transmissions in alignment true self at this time"

If you need to pause or stop the transmission, please state your intention 

"I now pause the Clear Tools Transmissions in alignment with my True Self" 

You can then resume session with above statement. 

When you feel finished, close the session: 

"I now complete the Clear Tools Transmissions in alignment with my True Self and lovingly allow myself to be in my own energy field." 

You will receive an energetic activation, through time and space, programmed for you, with all the Clear Tools to really assist you with living the unique rhythm of your soul with greater passion, harmony and heart centred living.

This is here to support you with your own self-empowered healing and self-mastery. See Clear Tools for more information. 

Image by Noah Silliman
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