Monthly New Moon Group Sessions

Clear Blockages & Create your Dreams

Uniting across the world in virtual circle will be a deep energy clearing, healing, awakening and reset!

Join us to get crystal clear on your blockages, intentions, visions and soul goals and watch your seeds grow and dreams manifest.

Each month is a different flow in alignment with the energies of that cycle. 

See more below to learn the energies, date and journey for this month!


Clear Transmissions

Join us to: 

  •  Cleanse your channel with Clear Transmissions 

  • Reset your system  

  • Come together as our Authentic Selves 

  • Be guided on a deep inner journey

  • Feel nourished and connected 

  • See and release anything not serving you from last moon cycle  

  • Get Crystal clear on your true soul visions for this Next Cycle 

  • Plant New Moon Seeds of Intentions

  • Awaken new gifts, abilities and possibilities 

  • Create your hearts desires 

  • Connect to the Crystalline Heart Grid

  • Co-Create our ideal sustainable earth for unity

  • Each month is a unique journey aligned to the energies at that time.


Thank you Claire, you were wonderful at leading us! I felt very calm and cleansed afterwards, like I really released something! It took me back to my training of Indian head massage and working through the chakras ❤

Pascally Alice, U.K

Wow wow wow thank you Claire! 

For anyone who wants to start off the coming cycle along our wildly loving moon from a clear and heartfelt place, let Claire take you on a journey into your deep self, and begin your cycle in loving abundant connection.

Thank you thank you, hope you are blessed in this cycle the way you bless us with your overflowing heart!

Rieki, Holland

Ohhh my good Claire it was amazing thank you love I was so touched when you started to say imagine you are surrounded by trees and poooof all memories and beautiful butterfly feelings when we got in contact. 
You inspire me, I received more downloads, I recognise more and more the unconditional love that I am. 
I feel so much gratefulness for life and you remind me to express to give to the world, all existence.
In the meditation I remembered some unconscious fear that I had as a child about my father and I am healing this.

Julia, Brazil

Well done and fantastic to receive your transmissions and playful sacred space...really strong healing you are gratitude. 
Some parts I was in another realm...half hearing but experiencing a lot of light and consciousness moving through me. I live for energy healing, I get so much from it. It’s the kindness of people like you who have the courage to make themselves available to people who are so longing for the light x

Charlie, UK

"For me it was great, like an extra session with you, it felt completely aligned with what I needed these days. Deep nourishment. I felt so much energy flowing and streaming. It was amazing also little overwhelming, I felt extremely tired and had to lay down. I went deep and do not remember having any clear pictures immediately. Nevertheless I feel energized now after the session."

Hennie, Holland

I did the Solstice meditation on Monday night. It was great to be guided through the process of releasing and letting go of the old and intending and manifesting the new for the next part of our journey. My body was jerking and shaking a lot when doing the releasing work. Which felt good to let go of some of that old stuff. I’ve been feeling a bit flat the last couple of days and tired. So I’m taking it easy resting and allowing things to settle. So thanks again I just wanted to let you know how it went

Natalia, New Zealand


Double New Moon in Cancer!

Rare event where the New Moon is in the sign of Cancer twice! 

After the Eclipses and Solstice, bringing their transformation as well as intensity, this is a time to review our soul goals, higher visions and intentions that were planted last month, adjust where needed and bring self-love and insight to anywhere you are still feeling blocked. 

This is a very nurturing sign, the themes are of home, family, safety, security, intuition, self-care and emotions. You may have been feeling these rise to the surface during this moon cycle. 

This month we will explore anything that is present for you at this time, including emotions, energy and listening to intuition, in a self-loving nurturing way so you can come away feeling more connected, secure, grounded, safe and at home in your body, as well as creating your hearts desires. 

To join, book tickets below with eventbrite. 

Thank you and I look forward to go on a journey together!  




These sessions will clear blockages and cleanse channels for you to align to your purpose and receive more abundance in your life.

I have kept prices low so they can be affordable to many.

It is an amazing self-investment that will come back to you in many ways.

If you are feeling called to be with us but cannot afford this amount, I have 2 scholarship places so you can join. Send me a message :) 


Just like every corner of the globe,

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What you pay is a seed of intention, a self-investment and may it multiply back to you. Thank you. 

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1 New Moon Call + Tools & Tips + Recording


1 Season, 3 Calls + Tools & Tips + Recording + 3 Monthly Meditations


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Double New Moon Cancer

Sunday 19th July 1.11pm - 2.33pm U.K Time

Online Circle

Double New Moon Cancer!
Jul 19, 1:11 PM – 2:33 PM GMT+1
Online Circle

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