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CARE-ona Medicine

This is a face of recognising a big planetary shift is happening and choosing, always, to make it a positive one...

The other night I was doubled over on the floor, hands clasped over my womb in agony, having what felt like contractions when giving birth (not that I have experienced that!). Whilst breathing deeply, I crawled over to my healing/creative/work room, and felt the need to start writing and out birthed all of my colourful creations onto paper! I intuitively wrote the variety of Medicines I have gathered the last decade that want to be shared even more, especially important for people to be practicing now (and I feel and experience are ALWAYS important).

May we share our tools to uplift, love and support one another, as a global family, online, emotionally and energetically.

These are my MEDICINEs for holistic HEALTH, peace, joy and love (not in order);

♡ Love Medicine – Living from the heart ♡Connection Medicine – to true self, with loved ones, spiritual support, all life ♡Dance Medicine – Expressing true unique rhythm of body and soul ♡Nature Medicine – Our Earth is SO Healing. So is the Sky… ♡ Energy Medicine – Transform your energy, Transform your Life

♡Breath Medicine - Release Fear & Stress, Breath in Life-Force ♡Nutritional Medicine – Intuitive Eating, supplements, healthy balanced diet ♡Movement Medicine – How does my body need to move today? ♡Creation Medicine – Creativity of hearts desires ♡ Laughter Medicine - Smile, laugh, joy! ♡Sound Medicine – Soak up, listen and sing healing frequencies ♡Mindset Medicine – Thoughts create our reality, reprogram them ♡Emotional Medicine – Feel, acknowledge, express, release your emotions ♡Sexual Medicine – Channel your sexual life force energy ♡Crystal Medicine – Tune into the variety of crystal healing energies ♡Stillness Medicine – Meditate, Rest, Integrate, Sleep well I will expand on each medicine in coming posts. What are yours? Any I have missed?

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