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Co-create a New World

"We will not go back to normal. Normal never was. Our pre-corona existence was not normal other than we normalized greed, inequity, exhaustion, depletion, extraction, disconnection, confusion, rage, hoarding, hate and lack. We should not long to return, my friends. We are being given the opportunity to stitch a new garment. One that fits all of humanity and nature."

How would you like life to look when we all emerge from our cocoons??

Our intentions, thoughts, beliefs, visions and actions create and co-create our reality.

So it is important to get clear and consciously create.

And even more powerful when we UNITE, Rise and CO-create.

Now, while most people are at home, it is a profound opportunity to tune in to our authentic selves, get really clear, open to a higher truth and co-create a more sustainable earth!

The higher vision for our earth and humanity is what drives me with passion and dedication everyday and for the past 8 years!

I hold and believe in a vision of our earth where we can ALL breath fresh air and drink pure water that is flowing clean around our earth. We can ALL eat organically everywhere, whilst living, sharing, singing, dancing from our hearts in conscious communities, celebrating YES to life and each other.

Do you have a vision? What is yours?

I choose to consciously create and live this vision much of the time in my own reality and I would love this to be a truth for more of humanity, where we ALL honour our planet and each other.

This may seem a big ask considering the conditions of much of the planet and peoples attitudes. But something had to shift before our planet is destroyed- and well, something HUGE just did!! And it is giving our earth a breath and a break at the very least.

How are you utilising this time? Where are you putting your energy and intentions? Ask yourself, are you benefiting if you are getting sucked too much into others opinions, conspiracies and the news? How can you make this a positive situation for yourself and the planet?

Even if your in solitude in a small room - you can do so much inner work from this space. Throughout the ages people have put themselves in small spaces, caves, isolation etc to meditate, often years at a time, to reach enlightenment. We do not need to do it this way in this time of the feminine rising, but we still need to come within and now there should be no excuses (unless you are a key worker, you may have less time but then it is still so important to get a break and rest within).

I know this can bring up discomfort and resistance, but this is where we can grow, by sitting with it, allowing it, looking at it, releasing it or changing the story. We must clear out our own sh*t so we can BE the change we want to see on the planet.

Here are some questions you can meditate on, journal, draw, move, sound, whatever works best for you to receive clarity on your higher vision, unique soul calling and the simple steps you can take to move towards it...

I do highly recommend to drop into a clear space first so you are not distracted by your thoughts, fears and anyone else's energy. You can go to my Clear Tools pages for tips and a free guided meditation to release distractions, come back to centre, align and open to receive your personal truth.

  • If you let go of all limitations and thoughts of what isn't possible - in your most ideal world - how does it look? More importantly, how does it FEEL? What emotion arises? Sensation? Colour? Who is around you? How does your environment look and feel? What are you doing? Spend some time here to really see it as if it is happening and feel the JOY of it, the liberation, the connection if you can have your hearts most truest desires.

Feel it, See it, Embody it, Anchor it, BELIEVE IT.

Then take inspired action steps towards it...

  • Tune in to your heart and soul - what is your unique role in co-creating a better world? What makes you feel alive? What are you naturally good at? What would you passionately LOVE to share? Really tune in to your unique frequency - feel it and allow it to flood through every cell of your being.

· Open and allow a JOY to come through from deep within you – joy that we are here on the earth, breathing in this physical reality. What a miracle it is that we are alive and that we are having this human experience. And that YOU have a unique purpose for our planet to work in harmony!

I believe and experience time and time again that we all have our unique keys/gifts to offer to the world, that support one another and bring us passion, inspiration and love. Once we can increasingly access these, through support, dedication and deeper healing, we can live our hearts true desires, dreams, destiny.

Yes there is a lot shifting on the planet, yes there is fear and uncertainty, which makes it even MORE important that we rise, that we unite, and we come together to raise the vibration around us through the power of our love. FEEL and visualise how you and we would like our new earth to be.

· Feel us as beacons, lighthouses of love, rippling out to the whole world, transforming fear into love.

Trust and know that, this is having a positive impact.

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