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- to your true self, with loved ones, spiritual support, all of life!

You are not alone! I can understand many are feeling lonely with all this social distancing.

However you can be connected on many levels, even if your self-isolating.

After years of travelling, often "alone "(I started 6 months in India fully solo) but I never felt lonely. Here is why:

1. Connect to your true-self; most important to be connected to YOU first before anything/one else. Bring your awareness back in to your centre by releasing distractions and other peoples energy that isn’t serving you.

You can do this by first giving yourself a break from social media especially all the opinions, different views, scary news.

Breath, meditate, shake, move, sound, release and let go with intention anyone/thing not serving you and call back your personal essence.

You can also connect to your heart, womb, yoni and all your energy centres - chakras. Tune in, listen and explore what is present.

Self-Discovery is a deep, life-long and fulfilling journey, there may be many layers to uncover, which can be a joyful getting to know oneself and your intuition.

2. Connect to the Earth –Anchor your root. You can always connect to our Mother Earths healing, nourishing, stabilising energy. Especially at this time where peoples base can become very shaky – the root chakra is the centre that relates to fear, safety, survival, family, community – all of these are being challenged right now for many around the world.

You can support yourself through these insecurities by grounding your feet and connecting your centre to the earths core. I have a simple meditation and grounding exercise you can use here.

3. Connect to the universe - stars, moon, sky, cosmos, nature and all of life! Simply by presence and intention. This is also in my guided meditation.

4. Connect to your spiritual team! This is a large reason I never feel alone, because I am not! I experience (feel, see, hear) a HUUUGE team of divine assistance on many levels. And they are always here for you too, to love, support, protect and guide you, we just need to be open to receive them. (Go to Gratitude in my Clear Tools to learn who you could call on/connect to).

There are layers of reasons (such as blockages, suppression, belief systems) why people cannot feel or believe in Spirit. I support those who wish to open and connect spiritually and all levels, be in tune with their higher selves, all of life and their spiritual allies.

5. Connect with Community – Once you feel connected within yourself and ready to connect with others, you may wish to contact friends/family/tribe online or on the phone...

With clear intent to find what will benefit you personally at that time, you can find soo many groups and free offerings right now on facebook; online dances, yoga, meet ups, meditations, sound healings, concert streamings etc so even if your at home alone, there is plenty of opportunity to connect with tribe, meeting new people across the globe and feel a sense of connection through community which is possible to feel energetically and in your body!

When used consciously, the internet can be a real blessing, especially now! So many amazing people sharing their gifts, talents and creations! And now we can attend groups that before were too far to be physically there!

It is so important for our well-being to stay connected, reach out and receive support if you need it, give love where you can. This is a time where we need to UNITE, more than ever with our positive intentions, empowerment and inspired actions.

6. Connect with one another through the Heart.

Through our hearts, our intentions, our energy, the crystalline heart grid. Anytime, anywhere, we can choose to connect.

Learn more about how here

I guided each of these steps in a simple morning meditation to help you get set up for your ideal day fully connected and in your unique inspired flow each day!

Are you still feeling disconnected, lonely or fearful? Then reach out to me here and we can connect and tune in to how I can best support you.

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