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Part 1 & 2 ; Air & Water

#Nature - Medicine - 1st Part - AIR

Our Earth is a Healer and provides us all the natural medicines we need.

But less so when we are clogging her up with pollution, rubbish and disrespect.

It has taken a global pandemic to stop the world and we all need to look at the damage caused...and also how quickly nature can heal and rejuvenate...which these pictures in the article show...

"Satellite images released by NASA and the European Space Agency show a dramatic reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions -- those released by vehicles, power plants and industrial facilities -- in major Chinese cities between January and February. The visible cloud of toxic gas hanging over industrial powerhouses almost disappeared."

"Climate activists say the crisis could provide a window to ramp up these promised reforms. "We would very much advocate for China to foster this opportunity to transform its economy, to break apart from the old," said Li Shuo, a senior climate policy adviser for Greenpeace East Asia."

Now, Fung believes this brief period of cleaner air should send a message for people to push for longer-term changes. "If we want the children, the elderly, who could live healthily in Hong Kong, then we should think how to make business as usual change," Fung says.

How can we all make the necessary changes so we can continue seeing an improvement after the pandemic is over??…/china-pollution-corona…/index.html

#Nature-Medicine - Part2 ; WATER

Global Meditation as a Medicine Below👇

Water is a bridge of all life. Water is a living essence. Water is all connected, just as we are.

We are mostly made up of Water.

Water is in every cell of our bodies; so we can experience life.

Water moves through us; our veins, our blood, similarly to how it flows through our earth; rivers, streams, the ocean.

Water is within plants, animals; ALL living things.

Water is the element of Emotion. Waters Positive emotion is associated with calm. Waters Negative emotion is associated with fear.

Water when fresh is healing, cleansing and refreshing. Water holds memory, wisdom, life.

Water is vital for all known forms living, Water makes life possible on earth.

Water needs to be Clean to survive, Pure to thrive.

Water can be blessed, cleansed and restructured simply ourselves!

I have been blessing/healing/sending thoughts to my water (and food, myself and others who wish to receive) for 8 years, where I can massively taste and feel the vibrational shift. This has been since I learnt about the famous Dr Emoto experiments demonstrating and showing pictures of how our thoughts literally change the physical molecular formations in the water (

'His work has us question, if water is affected by the words, intentions, and energies, what about human beings, who are made of mostly water? If we transform the water and thoughts we are made of, what else is possible?'

This shows us how important it is to have self-loving thoughts to our bodies, which can be felt and literally transforms the water structure in your body. Try it out, how does it feel for you?

There is an even greater shift, healing and transformation when uniting in Meditation with our thoughts, intentions and prayers.

I recommend to experience it for yourself; this World Water Day Global Meditation, Concert, Healings and Scientific teachings is beautiful, uplifting and a MEDICINE that you can relax and receive. 💓🌎💓


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