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Punching pillows & screaming rage as a healing practice...

2023 blessings all!

How is 2023 feeling for you so far??

I have free gifts for you below!

I have thankfully felt a massive shift in my energy and many joyful new doors have opened! Phew!

2022 year was a testing, difficult year!


I have been pushed beyond my edges and limits, punched pillows with rage, screamed into pillows and released desperate tears when it has all felt too much.

But this has also been deeply healing as it has given me opportunities to see and healthily express these core emotions that were suppressed!

As confronting as it can feel, punching pillows & screaming is a fantastic way to release energy!!

I now do it as one of my practices, even when I feel calm, just to help let go of some energy so it doesn't pop up when I am under pressure!

And after many deep dives into my own healing with ClearTransmissions®,

my soul work is paying off!

As it always magically does for my clients as well as me,

and the results clearly show up in many exciting, empowering and freeing ways!

So this New Year my magical wish for you is to experience all the doors to your heart & souls desires – OPEN !

May the old wounds, pain and baggage you are carrying receive all the love and healing needed so you can feel free, alive, connected to your true self and radiant!

And 2022 was simultaneously full of love, joy and awe!


Witnessing Arlya develop has been totally

magical, heart opening and blissful!

I love her with all my heart!

I am sooo grateful for how she is making me deepen, grow and expand my heart more than ever!

Which is why you haven’t heard from me in some time...

But I am back and ready to help you turn your pain into power too!

What dream doors do you wish to open this year?

My FREE New Year gift for you!

RECEIVE 11 minutes of healing, cleansing, activating energies for 3 days to support your new year intentions & soul goals!

Your intentions will go into a powerful portal that I amp up each day as well as sending you these unique frequencies and codes through my ClearTransmissions® daily alignments & activations that I powerfully send out to my clients!

All you need to do is respond to this email with your name and

3 wishes you have for this year.

That’s it!

And I will reply with how you very simply open to receive.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, full of emotions that you don't know what to do with, stuck or disconnected,

respond with the comment "help!"

We can pop on a free clarity call to co-create a brand new reality and possibilities for you, together.

Plus I am offering 23% off deep dive transformational sessions just until the 23/2/2023 so NOW is the best time.

Oh I missed you all! I am bursting to share more! I am SO happy to be back!

Watch this space for more juicy wisdom, gifts and tips.

I have been learning and cultivating sooo much to share with you!

I look forward to connecting with you,

With Love & Magic,

Claire Costello

Founder of Clear Transmissions®

- Be Clear & Shine on your Mission-

My lil family :)

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