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Join our Global-Love-Wave of Light-Houses!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

World-Wide Tribe Unite.

Where-ever we are in the world

we can choose to connect,

anytime, anywhere

through the Crystalline Grid

Distance and borders are no limitation

through time and space we co-create heaven

Interconnected through our global web

drop into your HEART

and out of your head


tune in

centre yourself into presence

set a clear intent

it will be more potent





Feel the whole world shifting

whilst together, we rise..

Living a whole new vibration

whilst we Crystallise

Join us Tribe!

Use intuition as a guide

connect in with us all

listen within....

can you hear the call?

Claire Costello,

Clear Transmissions

What is the Crystalline Heart Grid?

Also known as the “Unity Matrix”, The Electromagnetic Grid, Unified Field, the Christ Consciousness Grid, an Intelligent Field of Energy and the Heart Grid.

Our Mother Earth (also known as Gaia) is living as we are and she has energy flowing in, through and around the planet.

We all have an energy field with meridians, chakras, kundalini, DNA etc.

And our Earth has ley lines (meridians), power centres (chakras), masculine and feminine lines (kundalini), spiralling vortexes (DNA), to name a few and the crystalline heart grid is like the energy field surrounding the planet and it is anchored in to many high energy places.

In my experience the heart grid is made up potent vibrations such as Clear Crystal, Purifying Diamond and the Frequency of the Heart.

It is the shape of Sacred geometrical patterns around the earth and also within it. It is holographic. A bridge. Interconnected. Interdependent. Multi-dimensional and it holds memory.

It is strong, extraordinary and very powerful. I often see it as a laser beam of potent light moving around like a light-house.

It ripples, radiates and transforms energy all around it.

We can communicate to one another through it.

Most Ancient civilisations have known about and worked with the electromagnetic grid.

What is your experience / knowledge of the Gridlines?

Why Connect to the Crystalline Heart Grid?

Connect to the truth, love and wisdom of who you are. I always find by connecting in, I can drop into presence. I clear energy, balance and align. Re-focus for the day.

By aligning to this special grid system, we are strengthening our own energy, opening to receiving more cleansing, transformational energy and healing.

Much of the earth and its energy lines have been damaged, polluted, disconnected and have become very thick and dense. With so much pain, war, conflict, trauma, fear and control still being played out, our intentions are simple steps we can each be doing to support the awakening that IS happening globally.

Through our personal healing and the Crystalline Grid alignment, we are purifying, repairing, protecting and positively shifting the vibration and planet's energy flow.

Just like acupuncture and energy work helps the flow of energy harmonise in our bodies, we can support the earths energy by anchoring powerful 'needles' of intent into the grid.

So our earth, as well as the people, can be ready for the higher frequencies that are coming through more and more.

The more of us that connect, the more powerful it is. Can you feel this?

Where is the Unity Grid?

In, through and around the whole Earth and beyond. The Grid connects in to high vibrational power points such as at the sacred spots, ley lines, grid lines, earths chakras and new energy centres.

This picture is of me at the Tor in Glastonbury, known as the Heart Chakra on Earth.

The amount of high energy points are increasing at an accelerated rate and will continue to do so as more of us set our intentions to open and connect.

The Main planetary chakra points are said to be :

1st BASE Chakra – Mt. Shasta in California

2nd SACRAL Chakra – Lake Titicaca Peru/Bolivia

3rd SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra – Uluru  in Australia 

4th HEART Chakra – Glastonbury, Somerset, and Shaftesbury, Dorset

5th THROAT Chakra – Great Pyramids near Mt. Sanai and Mt. Olives

6th THIRD EYE Chakra – Considered to be in Western Europe

7th CROWN Chakra – Mt. Kailas in the Himalaya

You can connect your Chakras to the Earths Chakras, where do you feel them to be?

Now in this accelerated time of awakening,

we can co-create a higher vibration,

vortexes all around the world are opening,

tune in to the heart grid, it is expanding!

Are you ready to co-create?

Together it really is more potent!

We can feel, communicate and channel to one another, on many levels, through telepathic signals, electrical impulses and energetic vibrations. This can be done instantaneously, through time and space, like the nervous system, sending messages from one body part to another. So we can tune in from ANYWHERE.

Activate, connect and send energy to the place/people who are open/ready through:

intention/ visualisation/ energy/ sound/ telepathy/ prayer/ movement.

What works best for you?

When to Consciously Connect?

Anytime with intention! But my being gives me set times each day to connect in with all the other love-workers on the grid.

3.33pm is the time that most aligns with my being. I will also align at other times such as 13.33pm or when I see 33 past the clock, I will take a 2 minute break from working to clear, align and re-set.

Intentionally connecting can bring us back into true self alignment.

You can also align anytime you choose, with intention, e.g 11.11, 2.22, 4.44 or

what numbers come to you?

Why at 3.33?

3️⃣3.33 - this was the time where the energy would pour through, move and guide me through my body (and still does) daily

3️⃣ I am often guided to give sessions at 3.33pm

3️⃣ Sometimes for 3 hours

3️⃣ I always check the time and it is 3.33 or 33 past (hehe, I just checked the time and it is 13.03pm )

3️⃣ My life path number is 3

3️⃣ I love this number!

3️⃣ I feel a lot of joy with it

3️⃣ 3 in numerology is creative, self-expressive and has super human abilities!

3️⃣ 333 emphasises humanity, society and to use our powers of intention for positive manifestation

3️⃣ 9 = 3+3+3 = 9 Number of Universal love, service to humanity, light workers and soul purpose

3️⃣ I see it as a self-mastery number and it is associated with the Ascended Masters

3️⃣ Jesus was 33 in his most significant year on earth

3️⃣ I find 33 to be a huge year of transformation for everyone I meet

3️⃣ Most clients who come to me ready for big shifts are 33 years old!

3️⃣ I am now 33!

Does 3️⃣ mean anything to you??

How to align to this Crystalline Web?

Not everyone can connect straight away...

Prepping your energy field and clear intentions are most important.

Your energy field must be prepared to receive this level of light and frequency, otherwise It can be overwhelming for the body and system. The Crystal Grid is not just light sparkles of invisible energy, it is strong, potent and can be very intense! If you are ready to receive, it will pour in and push out blockages.

See here to learn more about the Energy field. If you are unsure, you can ask me to tune in for you. Clear Transmissions are here to clear, align and upgrade the field to receive more pure higher frequencies.

Clear Tools are massively supportive to setting up and maintaining your energy field.


Listen here to the audio Meditation to be guided and connect in with Brothers and Sisters Love-Tribe who have joined from all around the world. The Meditation is infused with layers of ClearTransmissions that you can open to receive as you listen, to support you in dropping in deep, healing and connecting.

Listen at 3.30 to receive and align to the grid at 3.33 your time (You can also listen at 30 minutes and 33 minutes past any hour).

It is 18 minutes (1+8=9 = 3+3+3=9 = 333! ;) Just "happened" to be that long ;)

You can pause parts to dive deeper / spend longer on parts.

Allow your being to intuitively show you how to connect in a way that resonates with you, this might be the same or different each time. E.g. meditation, movement, voice, visions etc...

I recommend to set simple intentions:

"I now open up and align to the crystalline heart grid, in through and around me in alignment with my true self at this time"

You can phrase this in a way that resonates with you.

For a 2 minute quick connection at any hour, with intentions:

33 minutes past, I open and align to the grid through my crown, heart and people and places globally. (Opening, connecting, aligning)

34 minutes past, I ground myself and anchor the grid deep into the earth, land and space I am in. (Balancing and stabilising)

I would love to hear your personal experiences / methods that work for you !

My Experience of the Crystalline Grid

Since 2012 I have been moving around the world, guided by spirit, channelling, being taught through my being, my physical body; sensing, feeling, visioning, hearing, sounding, learning through experience about the Crystalline Heart Grid, increasingly over time and then later learning through other resources, magically confirming and adding missing ingredients to my understanding. Dancing/ operating like a Key, I am guided to open and unlock divine gateways, gridlines, portals, dimensional doorways, channels etc to bring through the aligned frequencies to clear stagnant, blocked, polluted energy on the planet and for ourselves. I am also guided to cleanse, close and lock any energetic channels open that are not serving us. Doing this properly is very important. My body/internal spirit moves me in all the yogic, mudras, prayer, and "craziest" positions. I wasn't flexible before I did this work, now the splits is the least I can do! My spirit, through my body, stretches and dances me every way possible! I see visions, colours, spirits, sparkles and Orbs. It sure is magical. A whole range of frequencies sound out of my mouth, as well as words, poems and songs. It is sooo good for my energy and body as well as healing for the planet. It feels very magical and powerful, and also it can be very intense too! It requires total presence and precision as I am guided to clear energy and work with the grid, and often in very public places.... a real test for me to be me and not care what people think! (an ongoing practice ;) ) I have been doing this for lifetimes. It feels so natural and normal to me. Now I love to guide, support and initiate others on their personal path of truth, magic and sharing their gifts, so they do not have to learn the hard way, and we can be supported by this global network .

I could write 3 posts about this! I So I will save it for the next article, email if you would like to learn more and subscribe to receive more meditations and inspiration.

More Information about the Crystalline Unity Matrix from sources that I resonate with from personal experiences

"A plethora of quantifiable scientific research is now available that offers sound evidence that the Unified Field exists and that our thoughts and feelings are capable of profoundly affecting all aspects of our lives and world."

These studies clearly indicate the absolute power of meditation to transform global tendencies.Upon analysis, violent crime such as homicide, rape, and assault, continued to decrease as the meditation group size increased.

One Million children meditate for world-peace every year!

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