• Claire Costello

Join our Global-Love-Wave of Light-Houses!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

World-Wide Tribe Unite.

Where-ever we are in the world

we can choose to connect,

anytime, anywhere

through the Crystalline Grid

Distance and borders are no limitation

through time and space we co-create heaven

Interconnected through our global web

drop into your HEART

and out of your head


tune in

centre yourself into presence

set a clear intent

it will be more potent





Feel the whole world shifting

whilst together, we rise..

Living a whole new vibration

whilst we Crystallise

Join us Tribe!

Use intuition as a guide

connect in with us all

listen within....

can you hear the call?

Claire Costello,

Clear Transmissions

What is the Crystalline Heart Grid?

Also known as the “Unity Matrix”, The Electromagnetic Grid, Unified Field, the Christ Consciousness Grid, an Intelligent Field of Energy and the Heart Grid.

Our Mother Earth (also known as Gaia) is living as we are and she has energy flowing in, through and around the planet.

We all have an energy field with meridians, chakras, kundalini, DNA etc.

And our Earth has ley lines (meridians), power centres (chakras), masculine and feminine lines (kundalini), spiralling vortexes (DNA), to name a few and the crystalline heart grid is like the energy field surrounding the planet and it is anchored in to many high energy places.

In my experience the heart grid is made up potent vibrations such as Clear Crystal, Purifying Diamond and the Frequency of the Heart.

It is the shape of Sacred geometrical patterns around the earth and also within it. It is holographic. A bridge. Interconnected. Interdependent. Multi-dimensional and it holds memory.

It is strong, extraordinary and very powerful. I often see it as a laser beam of potent light moving around like a light-house.

It ripples, radiates and transforms energy all around it.

We can communicate to one another through it.