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 Retreats & Workshops around the World

Join us in Paradise

Claire travels world-wide to events, retreats and festivals offering her services, passionately sharing inspiration, teachings, tools and energy to EMPOWER others in their Healing, Awakening and Personal Inner Knowing.


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Deep Woman

Join us in Paradise Spain 

18th-24th June 2019, March 2020 in BALI and September 2020 Spain

Unwind | Unlock | Uplevel

"Our commitment to you is to take you through a journey that is both deeply 

opening, pleasurable, healing, nourishing and ecstatic in the moment.

As well as give you next level tools and techniques + life altering transformations that will serve you for the rest of your life. " 

Join us, Applications are now Open! :

The Bali Rainforest Deep Woman Immersion

Unwind | Unlock | Uplevel

Your future self... will look back at this...

as the experience that changed everything.

So take a deep breath... go here to find out more

and let's dive in deeper.

Applications are now open.

1st tier early bird is on until Valentine's Day.

With all our love,

Your adventure guides:

Ronja Sebastian – creator of Deep Woman and Ecstatic Awakening

Kristal Termorshuizenl Rose – founder of Temple Arts of Love

Claire Costello – founder of Clear Transmissions

UGR spain 2019_edited.jpg

Unite with us on special retreats and events around the world

Up coming events:

~ The Art of Receiving ~ Tantric Bodywork for Women Immersion with Christiane KoSoul

7 Days in Magical Sweden

September 16 - 22, 2019

~ Divine Feminine Awakening Tantra for Women ~with Christiane KoSoul

7 Days in Magical Ibiza

October 12 - 18, 2019

Clear Blockages & Create Dreams

A Potent Transformative Healing for your Empowered Awakening

  • A Deep Energetic Healing, Clearing, Meditation, Visualisation and Activation

  • We dive deep to support you in identifying, seeing, expressing and releasing the deep core root layers which may be blocking you from fully living your true expression. 

  • A clear sacred space is opened to bring deep healing and cleansing, to empower you in your own self healing, intuition and awakening. 

  • Authentic Movement, Dance, Flow

  • Vision Boarding: Create your Life as an Art from your Heart

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