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Soul Success Sessions
Energy Medicine Online Circles

Be Soul Successful, a Conscious Creator & Leader of your Life

Image by Guille Álvarez

Uniting across the world in virtual circle Claire will guide you on an empowering deep inner journey. 

Through deep healing, truth revealing, activation and alignment Claire joyfully leads and channels Clear Transmissions™ for you to breakthrough your blockages, live your hearts happiness and confidently shine your soul gifts. 

See more below..

Any of these feel true for you?

💥 Do you feel you are wasting time and energy on things that do not actually matter to you?

💥 Do you often feel drained, frustrated or overwhelmed?

💥 Do you want to feel more connected to your intuition and discern what is true for you?

💥 Would you like more clarity on what your soul goals are and how to move towards them?

💥 OR maybe you are already feeling in flow and clear but you're ready for your personal next level?

If you are feeling any of the above or simply want to be part of a powerful world-wide energy medicine circle from the comforts of your home, this Soul Success Session is for you. 

Join me on a deep inner magical journey where we will open new doors that you may not have known existed. Doors filled with your unique medicine, gifts and messages personally for you.

These inner doors then open doors for you in the external world - opportunities, synchronicities, abundance and your hearts true desires (to name a few) open and pour in to you.

Doors that align with your true values, that which is important to your being on every level.

Releasing the extra baggage, the should's, pressures, conditioning, fears, worries, anything holding you back from accessing what is authentic and true for you and your personal soul success (not what society says is success). 

This is the path to consciously intend, create and flow with your unique rhythm aligned with the natural rhythms of our earth and feel clear, grounded and in harmony.

A beautiful and powerful ritual to come back to your true self, reflect on how you have been living your life, where you have been out of alignment and an opportunity to choose to consciously create from soul and be a leader of your destiny.


How would your life look and feel if:

💎You have more time each day to do what you love?

💎You knew how to discern what is true for you and what isn't?

(Even amongst all the uncertainty, conspiracies and opinions)

💎AND you can FULLY choose and prioritise for YOU

💎You live YOUR balance, joy, freedom, passion and flow?

It is all possible and more!! I am living it, I will LOVE to make this a reality for YOU!

Join us Sunday 25th October 2020 to

Consciously Create your Life like an Art from your Heart❣️


Participants Feedback

Joy Testimonial.jpg

 I feel so blessed to be aligned in this resonance with you and all these beings as we co-create this magic, I have experienced a lot of different activations, but it is very clear Claire - it is so pure - like your name Clear Transmissions is so aligned - I have never felt such a purity! It is so clear. I bow to you and your light Claire and I am very inspired right now. I have just cleared some real heaviness. My sovereignty and power feels very good and whole. I was feeling fragmented.. I was shown so much during this journey, so much revealed. I am thrilled, I feel so good. Thank you. 

Joy - Bali

Heidi Testimonial2.jpg

Thank you Claire for the amazing amazing New Moon 🌚 Ceremony yesterday! Was so rejuvenating and grounding. Super special sacred group of souls that gathered together 🙏🏻💕💕💕💕 I’m so grateful and happy to be linked arm and arm with you again this season to ride the lunar waves 🌊and create Heaven on Earth 🌍

I feel I had the best massage. Clean flowing water, moving through me. I feel much more expansive and open and really clear about this month. Just to be.. Thank you I feel wonderful. 

Heidi, U.S.A

Reiki testimonial butterfly.png

Wow wow wow thank you Claire! 

For anyone who wants to start off the coming cycle along our wildly loving moon from a clear and heartfelt place, let Claire take you on a journey into your deep self, and begin your cycle in loving abundant connection.

Thank you thank you, hope you are blessed in this cycle the way you bless us with your overflowing heart!

Rieki, Holland

Julia Testimonial newmoon.jpg

Ohhh my good Claire it was amazing thank you love I was so touched when you started to say imagine you are surrounded by trees and poooof all memories and beautiful butterfly feelings when we got in contact. 
You inspire me, I received more downloads, I recognise more and more the unconditional love that I am. 
I feel so much gratefulness for life and you remind me to express to give to the world, all existence.
In the meditation I remembered some unconscious fear that I had as a child about my father and I am healing this.

Julia, Brazil


"For me it was great, like an extra session with you, it felt completely aligned with what I needed these days. Deep nourishment. I felt so much energy flowing and streaming. It was amazing also little overwhelming, I felt extremely tired and had to lay down. I went deep and do not remember having any clear pictures immediately. Nevertheless I feel energized now after the session."

Hennie, Holland

natalia testimonial.jpg

I did the Solstice meditation on Monday night. It was great to be guided through the process of releasing and letting go of the old and intending and manifesting the new for the next part of our journey. My body was jerking and shaking a lot when doing the releasing work. Which felt good to let go of some of that old stuff. I’ve been feeling a bit flat the last couple of days and tired. So I’m taking it easy resting and allowing things to settle. So thanks again I just wanted to let you know how it went

Natalia, New Zealand


We are now in Autumn or Spring, depending where in the world you are!

This is our last Season, now 2 sessions left in this format. 

During Winter Season will be for those of you who want to join me in a closed container and deep profound journey for 6 weeks.

For more info and to join the wait list, please message me.

These sessions are intended to clear blockages and cleanse channels for you to align to your soul success and receive more abundance in your life.

Self-Investment & Self-Love will always attract more prosperity in.

And to share love with world-wide community in a variety of situations, I have kept prices so they can be affordable to many.

If you are feeling called to be with us but truly cannot afford this amount, I have 2 scholarship places so you can join. Send me a message :) 

Come join us! 


Image by Jude Beck

1 Group Call + Tools & Tips + Recording


Image by Zoltan Tasi

1 Season, 3 Calls + Tools & Tips + Recording + 3 Monthly Meditations


Packages also available that include 1-1 tailored Clear Transmissions sessions with Claire. Get in touch to learn more

Participants Feedback

Bristena testimonial.jpg

“I have been soaking up the healing, nourishing vibes, it was so needed thank you. I have a lot of love, respect & admiration for you and what you do. Thank you for sharing your light and wisdom!"

Bristena, U.K

Pascally Alice.jpg

Thank you Claire, you were wonderful at leading us! I felt very calm and cleansed afterwards, like I really released something! It took me back to my training of Indian head massage and working through the chakras ❤

Pascally, U.K


Well done and fantastic to receive your transmissions and playful sacred space...really strong healing you are gratitude. 
Some parts I was in another realm...half hearing but experiencing a lot of light and consciousness moving through me. I live for energy healing, I get so much from it. It’s the kindness of people like you who have the courage to make themselves available to people who are so longing for the light x

Charlie, U.K

Image by Sergey Shmidt

I was in a heavy place before this call. I could only see one narrow focus and it showed me an old pattern. And it felt it cleared it and the light came back and I can see different ways! Thank you!

Aideen, Ireland


My Intention for you

My Mission is to help you to be fully and authentically YOU.

I want to empower you to create your hearts desires and live in alignment to your soul.

I believe that by unleashing your potential, shining and sharing your soul gifts and truth, we can co-create a regenerated, sustainable, harmonious earth where we can all live with more health, joy, abundance and freedom! 

You can live the life of your dreams.

It is safe to let go of the outdated systems of how to get things done and 'achieve'

You can create your personal soul success and live it now. 


Claire Costello is Founder of ClearTransmissions™

She is a dedicated, passionate and expert Energy worker, Empowerment Coach, #1 Best Selling Author and Retreat Facilitator.

Claire is committed to being an authentic, intuitive and magical creator of souls purpose for herself and others.

She executes this into the world through Clear Transmissions™ which is a unique blend of multidimensional healing, energy field upgrades, crystalline gridwork and empowerment coaching.

Since being established in 2012, Clear Transmissions™ has been known to provide life-changing true transformation for thousands all around the world through private 1-1 sessions online or in person, group sessions, workshops, retreats and festivals.


Energy Medicine Online Circle

I am excited to see you for a magical transformation journey!

If the link to the right doesn't work, simply go HERE to purchase your ticket. 

10% goes to TreeSisters to cool down our earth and directly help replenish the world's forests!

Once booked you will receive an email with zoom login details and how to prepare. 

See you soon! 

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