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How would your life look and feel if:

You have more time each day to do what you love?

You are connected and guided by your intuition?

Everyday you live YOUR awakened joy, freedom, passion and clear directed flow?

Check out this special package to go on a deep inner magical journey where you will open new doors that you may not have known existed. Doors filled with your unique medicine, gifts and messages personally for you.

These inner doors then open doors for you in the external world - opportunities, synchronicities, abundance and your hearts true desires (to name a few) open and pour in to you.

Doors that align with your true values, that which is important to your being on every level.

This is the path to be empowered, consciously intend, create and flow with your unique rhythm aligned with the natural rhythms of our earth and feel clear, grounded and in harmony.


Claire Costello, Founder of ClearTransmissions®


Energy Maintenance Tools E-Book

Rise, Align & SHINE! Live your Empowered True Potential with Clear Tools Transmissions Time! 

These are Energy Maintenance Tools for you to learn how to:

✓ Clear, Centre & Ground your Energy
✓ Access your Unique Intuitive Flow
✓ Receive Clarity, Insight and Inspiration
✓ Create your Ideal Day Everyday

These include a variety of Clear Tools that you can tailor to suit your unique needs which have proven highly effective for myself and many of my clients to massively support our Accelerated Ascension, shine your unique truth, whilst living and co-creating a sustainable harmonious planet, our dreams and higher visions.

I have included some of the powerful frequencies that I call in for healing on all levels and I have had MIRACULOUS HEALING RESULTS – such as healing my eyes and throwing away my glasses, clearing cysts on my ovaries, changing blood test results that baffled doctors, regulated my non existent menstrual cycle and healed many other physical issues as well as mentally, spiritually and emotionally, for me and my clients.


I also know it can also be challenging, overwhelming and scary at times, especially as the worlds suppression is coming to the surface and we face our individual and collective shadows, so this is why I provide the clear tools, guidance, support and Clear Transmissions so that you can be grounded, balanced, connected, clear and aligned with your truth and mission.


3 Magical Meditations

Unique Meditations infused with ClearTransmissions®

Activate your Superpowers & Gifts! -

(22.22 minutes)

Infused with ClearTransmissions® for you to receive an additional intuition activation, super powers awakening, cleansing and boost whilst you are receiving! It is like having a mini session with Claire. A special guided meditation for you to dive into your core centre, meet your true authentic free self and awaken to new magical abilities, intuitive gifts and super powers!

Awaken, Activate & Align with Clear Tools

(20 minutes)

Infused with ClearTransmissions® for you to receive an additional activation, cleansing and boost whilst you are listening! It is like having a mini session with Claire. Guided meditation for your energy field maintenance, grounding and clearing for you to awaken, activate and align for your unique flow today.

Crystalline Heart Grid 333

(18 minutes) 

Infused with ClearTransmissions® to support you to connect to the crystalline heart grid, raise your vibration, deeply anchor, activate your light-codes, cleansing and boost whilst you are receiving! It is like having a mini session with Claire.

Join thousands around the world in this powerfully guided meditation for you to raise your vibration and connect to yourself, the chakras and power spots on our earth and also a global support network across the Crystalline Heart Grid. By aligning to this special grid system, you are strengthening your own energy, receiving cleansing, transformational energy and also bringing healing for the planet.

me energywork.jpeg

Long-distance Energy-Work & Free PDF

Receive daily ClearTransmissions®!

You will receive 11 minutes of ClearTransmissions® from 3:33pm - 3:44pm your time zone (or ANYTIME time of your choice) every day for 33 days, from ANYWHERE, where I will: 


✓ Clear, Centre & Ground your Energy

✓ Cleanse your Chakras

✓ Connect your Chakras to the Planetary Chakras (you will receive information about this in the PDF)

✓ Awaken Kundalini (if your ready for that)

✓Balance your energy

✓ Connect you to the Crystalline Heart Grid

✓Ripple this healing love vibration out to loved ones and the whole world


Not everyone's energy-field is ready to connect to this high frequency grid, so these daily ClearTransmissions will help you to fully receive the pure energy-grid as well as raise your vibration so you can feel clear, awakened and uplifted.

You can listen to the meditation included or simply set the intention to receive. If you are too busy then you can receive at a different time, another day or whilst you're asleep. All guidance on how to receive will be sent as soon as you sign up.

Included in the package is a PDF full of information about what the Crystalline Heart Grid is, what it is doing for the planet and the benefits of connecting daily.

The 33 Days start for you when you sign up or you can request a start date. 

Hedda Testimonial.jpg

The meditations have given me so much. It's difficult to put word on it. But it makes me feel more connected to self, life and mother earth. It gives me safety and if I feel something I just connect to my earth star and also the support from the grid, and it fills me with safety and belonging.


Another cool aspect is that usually I can get quite stressed and unaligned in bigger groups/shopping malls/busses etc. Like I am absorbing others energies and feeling the heaviness of the collective mind. But by doing this practice everyday (3.33) I don't absorb, I can lean in but I don't get drained. It's like my root is growing deeper and deeper. Yes I feel a lot of love for this work and for you.


Thank you thank you thank you sweetest sister for sharing this beautiful and powerful work. Lots of love love love

Hedda - Norway

natalia testimonial.jpg

"Thank You Claire 💗. I did this meditation 🧘♀️ today. It felt powerful and expansive. I could feel energy running through my body, tingling, releasing in my muscles and tears flowed from my eyes. It was beautiful 🕊🥰🙏🏽"

- Natalia - New Zealand

Powerful Package!

~ EBOOK - Rise, Align & SHINE
~3 Mp3s - Guided Meditations
~ Long-distance Energy-Work - 33 Days

~ PDF - Crystalline Heart Grid


Special Offer Price

Normally £147

Buy this jam packed package and you will receive it to your inbox!

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