Activate your Superpowers & Gifts!

See below for a special guided meditation for you to dive into your core centre, meet your true authentic free self and awaken to new magical abilities, intuitive gifts and super powers!

I do recommend you to the Clear Tools meditation first/some energy-work unless you are already feeling really clear, grounded, centred and aligned. This will help you drop in deeper without being distracted by thoughts or blocked energy. 

Reach out to me if you want to learn more about the different types of intuitive abilities, how they awaken, what you can do to connect deeper to your yourself, enhance your gifts and activate new superpowers. 



“Thank you for your meditation, Holy, moly, I forgot about your transmissions!! 
It was beautiful, it was deep, it was everything, it was lovely, thank you 
I do feel some old stuff that was holding me back is falling away. I feel some super powers coming through, and connecting more with my gifts, yes thank you!”


"Thank You Claire 💗. I did this meditation 🧘♀️ today. It felt powerful and expansive. I could feel energy running through my body, tingling, releasing in my muscles and tears flowed from my eyes. It was beautiful 🕊🥰🙏🏽"


"Ohhh my good Claire it was amazing thank you love I was so touched when you started to say imagine you are surrounded by trees and poooof all memories and beautiful butterfly feelings when we got in contact"


Giant tree.jpg

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