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See below for a special guided meditation for you to dive into your core centre, meet your true authentic free self and awaken to new magical abilities, intuitive gifts and super powers! 



“Thank you for your meditation, Holy, moly, I forgot about your transmissions!! 
It was beautiful, it was deep, it was everything, it was lovely, thank you 
I do feel some old stuff that was holding me back is falling away. I feel some super powers coming through, and connecting more with my gifts, yes thank you!”

Naomi, Australia

"Thank You Claire 💗. I did this meditation 🧘♀️ today. It felt powerful and expansive. I could feel energy running through my body, tingling, releasing in my muscles and tears flowed from my eyes. It was beautiful 🕊🥰🙏🏽"

Natalia, New Zealand

"Ohhh my good Claire it was amazing thank you love I was so touched when you started to say imagine you are surrounded by trees and poooof all memories and beautiful butterfly feelings when we got in contact"

Julia, Europe

Image by Blake Richard Verdoorn

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Thank you Claire Costello for your wonderful presence, dedicated time and guidance through this powerful lions gate portal. i really enjoyed your meditation. After the beautiful meditation I could feel the energy of the clear transmission circulating like incense smoke or like syrup around my brain and then down my body to my legs as i did yoga. I was with you on all the intentions and at the end could see us all connected through this moving energy as we danced around our beautiful earth. i feel great, empowered and there's been more shedding of the old as i step into my true divine feminine power.and clear transmission 

Caz, Peru

“I had a wonderful experience during your transmission… Thank you for your clear transmission this morning Claire! Feeling very grateful to have learned and opened up for a new way of receiving! It was also connected to the 5th chakra (receiving/taking in) and opening for guidance and auditory high sense perception.

Yara, Holland

Thank you so much for the meditation dear Claire... it was so potent and magical... I felt spirals in my crown chakra buzzing... powerful way to start the Lions Gate 🦁✨💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Lizzy, U.S

Hay Darling, thank you for the meditation. I did do it last night at my own time. Mindblowing with lots of insights, signs. Thank you for offering this amazing strong transformational tool

Debby, Holland

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Free Guided Meditation Journey

This is a powerful, magical meditation! And there are more clarity meditations available for you that you will see on the page when you sign up for this one. 

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