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Clear Transmissions Services

Keys to Unlock your True Potential

1:1 Deep Empowerment Healing

We will:

✨✓Clear/transform blockages, patterns, habits, wounds, traumas, fears, limitations, belief systems, programs..

anything holding you back from your true free self. 

✨✓Identify Core Root causes to be understood and released

✨✓Strengthen your energy field so you can feel safe and shine your soul everywhere you go

✨✓Connect way beyond physcial reality

✨✓Feel lighter, empowered and motivated to move FORWARDS on the path of your truest potential, health and happiness

  • 1.5 Hours, 3 Hours and Packages available

1-1 Clear Transmissions Upgrade

2 Day Intensive :

✨✓Deepest energetic cleanse all Levels;
✨✓Past lives, Ancestral, Chakras, Meridians, Programs, Cords, Contracts, Karma Patterns, Attachments 

✨✓Heal, Restructure, Reprogram

✨✓Balance, Align, Transform

✨✓Activate your Unique Gifts, abilities, super-human powers

✨✓Energy Field UPGRADE

✨✓Radical Life-Changing Process

✨✓Be ready to let go of all that is not your fullest truth and destiny

✨✓Integrate your Spirit into your body

✨✓Be more attuned to your intuition

Clear Life Coaching

  • Achieve personal and professional goals in career, relationships and wellbeing.

  • Be motivated to pursue your passion and dreams, examine your life path and discover your true self and calling.

  • Reprogram limiting beliefs, clear blockages and internal challenges for fulfilment, contentment and happiness.

  • 6 Month Mentorship Packages  for your SOUL SUCCESS. 

Integration Sessions

✨✓ Embodying and grounding your Unique Essence

✨✓ Feel connected where-ever you are (Even the
crowded smelly city!😘)
✨✓ Identify the core root causes of any issues

✨✓ Deep cleanse, healing, balancing and alignment

✨✓ Feel more Clarity and Confidence whilst moving
forwards on your path and purpose

✨✓ Receive a reading of your current energy field and
channelled guidance how to upgrade