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RISE, ALIGN & SHINE! Free Morning Activation Meditation!

✓Create your ideal day

✓Access your Unique Flow
✓Receive Clarity, Insight and Inspiration

 Simple techniques for CLARITY & BLISS _

Imagine feeling better. See yourself with more energy, with a clearer sense of purpose. 

What would you do if you could do anything? Where would you be if your fear didn’t get in the way?  How would you interact with others if you were complete and happy within yourself? If you were surrounded and penetrated by feelings of love and joy?

This is your life, fully and completely. When you can take this on and live it to the deepest, fullest, and most meaningful level, you will surprise yourself and inspire those around you.

Follow your joy, live within your truth, share your gifts and live with a sense of fulfilment, drive, clarity and love.  

Clear Transmissions is not an instant cure to the challenges of life. But it is a powerful way to move into your natural state as creator of your own being on every level.


Are you feeling called to: 

✨✓Live your ideal life-style

✨✓Be Free and in your Unique Flow

✨✓Find Clarity

✨✓Get to the root of whats holding you back

✨✓Let go of fear and blockages

✨✓Upgrade to the next level of your True Potential

✨✓Shine and Share your gifts to the world

✨✓Embody Self-confidence and Self-love 

Book in a Free Clarity Call to find out how you can be the most free, alive, empowered true expression of yourself.  


Client Love


“If you are looking for deep healing and spiritual growth – Claire is one of the best I have ever met. The Rolls Royce.  She has helped me transform my life in a very profound way, helping me letting go of old pains and unresolved issues, that where in the way of true happiness in life. A session with Claire can be described as taking a dip in the wonderful ocean of bliss and coming home to yourself. I will continue working with her, since it is allows me to discover myself more deeply and rise to a whole new level.”

Karin Tydén – Sweeden, 
Mind Hacker Therapist

Clear Transmissions Provides

Keys for Unlocking your True Potential...

1-1 Clear Transmissions

Dive Deep together to:

  • Release Unhealthy Fears, Patterns and Energy Blockages 

  • Celebrate YES to Life 

  • Live your Passions, Truth and Joy

Global Groups Online

Join us from anywhere in the world; 

  • Clear, Transform, Upgrade

  • We are more powerful together

  • Positively shift from within and therefor the world around us...

 Retreats & Workshops around the World

Join us in sustainable paradise to: 

  • Clear Blockages & Create Dreams. 

  • Tap into your internal guidance system for Clear Decision Making

  • Energy Maintenance and Activation to live your unique flow

  • Deep Healing and Awakening


Claire Costello

Founder & Channel of Clear Transmissions

Claire is a dedicated, passionate and powerfully gifted Energy Worker, Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Multi-dimensional Entrepreneur, Retreat & Workshop facilitator, Teacher, Women's Empowerment Leader and Dream Creator. 

She passionately shares inspiration world-wide to empower and initiate others in their healing, awakening and inner-knowing. 

It brings Claire much joy sharing her gifts, being a channel to clear, guide and inspire others to also live a path of personal Truth, Heart and Freedom.

Clear Transmissions are provided through Private 1-1 Sessions online or in personGroup Sessions, Workshops, Retreats and Festivals around the world.

Since being established in 2012, Clear Transmissions has been known to provide Life-Changing True Transformation for many all around the world. 


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