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RISE, ALIGN & SHINE! Free Morning Activation Meditation!

✓Cleanse and boost your energy

✓Access your Unique Flow for your day
✓Receive Clarity, Insight and Inspiration


It is Claire's passion, compassion, and mission to support other earth-lovers, entrepreneurs and world-changers to deeply clear away the burdens weighing them down whilst guiding them on a deep transformational life changing journey to become Shining SOULpreneurs.

Claire has been intuitively travelling our earth sharing ClearTransmissionsTM to hundreds of people world-wide for more than 8 years so far.

ClearTransmissionsTM is a unique formula of multidimensional healing, energy-field upgrades, crystalline grid-work and clear coaching that blasts clients through to their true potential, gifts them superpowers and the confidence to express and shine their souls purpose.

Book in a Free Clarity Call to find out how you can be clear, empowered and live your purposeful ideal lifestyle.


ClearTransmissionsTM Provides

Keys for Unlocking your True Potential...

1-1 Clear Transmissions

Dive Deep together to:

  • Release Unhealthy Fears, Patterns and Energy Blockages 

  • Connect to your YES to Life 

  • Live your Passions, Truth and Joy

Monthly New Moon Calls

Group Online Guided Journey for you to:

  • Clear energy and blockages from last cycle

  • Receive soul clarity & new vision

  • Plant clear new intentions and create your dreams! 

Global Groups Online

Join us from anywhere in the world; 

  • Clear, Transform, Upgrade

  • We are more powerful together

  • Positively shift from within and therefor the world around us...

Become a Practitioner

Be initiated into ClearTransmissionsTM:

  • Discover your unique style

  • Learn how to hold space

  • Program created for you at your own pace

  • Feel confident in offering sessions!

 Retreats around the World 

Join us in sustainable paradise to: 

  • Clear Blockages & Create Dreams. 

  • Tap into your internal guidance system for Clear Decision Making

  • Energy Maintenance and Activation to live your unique flow

  • Deep Healing and Awakening


Tap into your Internal Guidance System for Clear Decision Making

Feel Clear, Confident and Aligned in your decisions and open new doors of opportunities !

Join us online this time! 


Client Love


Karin Tydén – Sweeden, 
Mind Hacker Therapist

“If you are looking for deep healing and spiritual growth – Claire is one of the best I have ever met. The Rolls Royce.  She has helped me transform my life in a very profound way, helping me letting go of old pains and unresolved issues, that where in the way of true happiness in life. A session with Claire can be described as taking a dip in the wonderful ocean of bliss and coming home to yourself. I will continue working with her, since it is allows me to discover myself more deeply and rise to a whole new level.”

Claire Costello

Founder & Channel of ClearTransmissionsTM

Claire is a dedicated, passionate and powerfully gifted Soulpreneur, Energy Love-Worker, Medicine Woman, Clear Coach, Multi-dimensional healer, Retreat & Workshop facilitator, Best Selling Author, Teacher, Women's Empowerment Leader and Dream Creator. 

She passionately shares inspiration world-wide to empower and initiate others in their healing, awakening and inner-knowing. 

It brings Claire much joy sharing her gifts, being a channel to clear, guide and inspire others to also live a path of personal Truth, Heart and Freedom.

Clear Transmissions are provided through Private 1-1 Sessions online or in personGroup Sessions, Workshops, Retreats and Festivals around the world.

Since being established in 2012, Clear Transmissions has been known to provide Life-Changing True Transformation for many all around the world. 


Activate your Life!

Best selling Book - My Chapter is "How to tap into your Internal Guidance System for clear decision making" 

A single great coaching exercise can transform your future. Activate Your Life brings you 50(!!!) exercises from some of the world’s top coaches. It's like having a team of coaches on demand. Here’s what you get: 50 exercises from top coaches that have been refined through years of practice.


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