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Freedom from being
Stuck in Shadow

Become an Embodied Soul Leader

with Clear Transmissions®

Healing + Upgrades + Coaching + Earth work



 Free Morning Activation Meditation!

Infused with ClearTransmissions®

✓Clear, Centre & Strengthen your Energy

✓Access your Unique Intuitive Flow
✓Receive Clarity, Insight and Inspiration
✓Create your Ideal Day Everyday

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You are here because:

You are a mission-driven entrepreneur, change maker, luminary or business owner

YOU are here to lead, inspire and impact the lives of many,

but you keep being pulled back into old patterns, blockages and unhealthy ways of doing things

Can you feel overwhelmed, stressed out and over burdened?

Book a free call with Claire and learn how you can:

Be Empowered & Confidently Lead, Shine your Soul, Awaken New Intuitive Abilities &

Create your Ideal Life as an Art from your Heart!

Client Love


Heidi Loudermilk

“Out of this world next level amazing. Claire never ceases to amaze me with her powerful mystical capabilities. Her Shamanic journeys are one fantastic way she facilitates profound and ecstatic healing alignment ceremonial practices. She guides one through the shadow realms of their heart and spirit to illuminate, heal, and transform on every layer. With fluency and grace her hands weave, untangle, and spin new connections in the mystical web of light that contains our human experience. I have been working with Claire for years and ever since that first meeting she has helped me ascend to higher and higher levels of life condition, joy, ease, grace, flow and abundance. Blows me away every single time!”

ClearTransmissions® Provides

Keys for Unlocking your True Potential...

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Shine your Soul

✓ Deep Shamanic Journeys

✓ Upgrade Intensives

Self-Mastery Coaching

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Daily Soul Success

Be Empowered in creating your ideal lifestyle

Live your Passions, Truth & Joy

Jam packed package - receive anytime, anywhere!

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Live your Dreams

Soul Success Sessions

Be A Leader of your Life

Consciously Create your life like an Art from your Heart

(Paused until 2023)

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Claire Costello
Channel & Creatrix of ClearTransmissions®

Claire is a dedicated, passionate and expert Energy worker, Shamanic Healer, Self-Mastery Coach, Spiritual Teacher, #1 Best Selling Author and Retreat Facilitator.

She is committed to being an authentic, intuitive and magical creator of souls purpose for herself and others.

She executes this into the world through Clear Transmissions® which is a unique blend of shamanic healing, energy field upgrades, crystalline grid-work and empowerment coaching.

Since being established in 2012, Clear Transmissions® has been known to provide life-changing true transformation for thousands in over 15 countries all around the world.


Clear Transmissions® are provided through Private 1-1 Journeys online or in personGroup Sessions, Healing Circles, Workshops, Retreats and Festivals.


Activate your Life!

Best selling Book - My Chapter is "How to tap into your Internal Guidance System for clear decision making" 

A single great coaching exercise can transform your future. Activate Your Life brings you 50(!!!) exercises from some of the world’s top coaches, including me! It's like having a team of coaches on demand. Here’s what you get: 50 exercises from top coaches that have been refined through years of practice.

Love to Connect

Would you like to book a session? Sign onto a retreat or workshop? Have any questions? Needs? Feedback?

I will love to hear from you and see how I can best support you. 


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