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Claire Costello

Founder & Channel of
Clear Transmissions®

My mission is to help the leaders, way-showers and pioneers of a new earth,

to break free from the outdated patterns, programs and structures that are holding them back,

so they can create a life in alignment with their heart & soul,

embody, radiate and be guided by their spirit and

co- create a bigger positive impact on our earth by sharing their unique purpose and gifts. 

Through deep healing, truth revealing, intuitive coaching and auric upgrades, I passionately empower others on a unique journey, supporting them to breakthrough to their next level and confidently shine & share their soul gifts.


and unique medicine-woman, energy love-worker, intuitive life-coach, co-creator of the crystalline grid, best-selling author, multi-dimensional entrepreneur, new-earth mother channel, medium, teacher, facilitator, visionary, leader, gate-keeper, artist, dream-creator, world-dancer and traveller, fiery wild-woman, truth seeker, magical-priestess, fairy, lover of life, so much more, ALL AND NONE of these as

"I am label free to be authentically me, dancing through life to the Unique Rhythm of my soul!!"

The below qualifications kickstarted Claire's accelerated ascension journey of becoming fine tuned as a clear channel, where she has spent the past 11 years offering her services all over the world to individuals, groups, retreats and our Mother Earth.

Through deep healing, truth revealing, intuitive coaching and auric upgrades, Claire joyfully leads and empowers others on their awakening journey, supporting them to breakthrough to their next level and confidently shine & share their soul gifts.

Client Love

Deb testimonial .jpg

Claire is such a beautiful pure clear channel, mega-gifted healer and transformation coach; and she is one of the most beautiful hearted people I have ever met too! I have had many sessions with Claire and recommend her a million per cent, especially if you’re looking for support with the next level of anything!

Deborah Peirson

Heidi Testimonial.jpg

Claire is one of the most gifted, wise and loving healers I have ever had the honor to meet. The work she does is absolutely profound. All done with Joy, Respect, and Love

AnnaMeika photo testimonial .jpg

Claire is a sparkle 🌈⭐ a true gem and powerful light, with unique gifts and abilities to clear, dissolve, transmute, strengthen, channel, and empower us! 🙌
It truly starts the moment you say YES to a session with her!

Annemeike Maria

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Claire's Intentions

I would like to inspire others through my own personal experience that we can all truly live the life of our hearts desires, as I have been for the past 11 years, since I let go of the fear based paradigm system to follow my heart. After my awakening in 11/11/2011 when my DNA activated and said I must give up my old unconscious life, including drinking, partying and friends associated with this. As soon as I did, my awakening accelerated. 

By April 2012 my inner calling and earth grid-work service for the planet became loud and clear. I quit my well paid secure job, giving away my belongings and leaving my family, friends and community, for a one way flight to India with a small backpack and no plans at all! I left with very little but the trust and faith that I would be guided and supported by the universe as I was following my heart, calling and personal truth. I have been living my souls purpose everyday travelling across the earth being miraculously supported, guided and everyday being so FULL of magic, synchronicity and divine timing...not saying that it is always an easy road, but by consciously moving through the challenges which teach so much, makes it so worth it and full of growth to say the least!!

I believe and experience time and time again that we all have our unique keys to offer to the world, filled with gifts, talents and abilities and that once we can increasingly access these, through the support, dedication and deeper healing, we can live our hearts true desires, our true potential and be guided intuitively by our Spirit and then the world can work in harmony.

Each of our passions, inSPIRITations and love, I experience and believe, is our gift to support one another, and by being in that love vibration, is what radiates, ripples and overflows to the world - by BEing the change, we are creating the change..

My journey has been/ is one of the deepest discoveries of myself, others and of the nature of the world. I am so committed to the practice of embodying and sharing love, truth, magic and deep clearing, providing Clear Transmissions to support this very exciting global awakening that IS occurring world-wide. 

I love my 'work' with a passion and believe that we all can love what we do. Sometimes we just need to clear the layers and blockages in the way. I dedicate everyday to the practice of being, living and embodying my truth as a vessel of Clear Transmissions. 

I devote my life (with pleasure, love and so much growth through the challenging times, always learning through experience), to being as clear a channel as I can in each moment, working on my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body throughout each day so I can share with the world.

It is my passion, my joy, my hearts truest desires to assist others on their awakening journey and I am so blessed to see the major shifts and transformations in their lives as well as my own. I am so overfilled with gratitude, magic and miracles around me on a daily basis, even when moving through the muddy layers, to then flower as the Lotus does. 

Part of my purpose is being a key to unlock these gifts and abilities in others, to clear, release, transform, balance, harmonise, strengthen, repair (whatever is required for each persons highest evolution at that time) the energetic field on all levels filled with fears, anxieties, guilt etc any blocks and interference patterns that many have carried for lifetimes and have been in the way of people being able to access these new higher frequencies and to really connect to our true essence, pure spirit and live with clarity from the heart.

Clear Transmissions are not just light sessions.. they go into the depths of the darkness, in which I play a very active role in clearing the (at times very intense) energies, as I am guided, stretched, moved around (in the most incredible positions as my Spirit is embodied) for the whole duration whilst I must be completely present, listening, watching, feeling, sensing with lots of moving as I work with precision in each clients energy field.

It is a powerful process. Every session is completely different and each person experiences a deep and meaningful journey which aligns them with their unique and personal path and destiny. Every time I have provided this service, I have been blessed to see the depths to which each client’s life is transformed. Again and again, I have seen remarkable shifts happen, healing on the deepest levels, increased clarity of purpose, and an expansion of consciousness which is remarkable to behold. Accelerated Ascension...

Beneath our fears, obstructions, and blockages, we are all amazing beings of light and unlimited potential. My role is to bring you back in contact with this unlimited Source within you. It is our heritage, our birthright, to be the creators of the life we live. My joy, my gift, is to unlock the door to each client’s fullest potential, and help them on the road to living their dreams and true destiny with passion and joy.

Personal Philosophy:

  • We can choose to be conscious creators, to align to our true selves and create our lives as an art from our heart.

  • That we all have our own unique gifts and purpose to share with the world.

  • That we need to uncover all the layers of conditioning, blockages and programming to access our authentic essence, so we can:

  • Express, Embody and Shine our Souls.

  • That we all have an internal guidance system that we can learn how to access, listen, trust and follow its wisdom.

  • We are in an incredible time of accelerated awakening and we need to unite and BE the change we wish to see in the world.


Profile Pic .jpg

Claire's Qualifications, Training and Experience


  • Psychology with Sociology Bsc (Hons) Degree

  • Social and Lifespan Developmental Psychology

  • Cognitive and Biological Psychology

  • Research Methods and Statistics

  • Psychology Research Project

  • Professional Practice in Psychology

  • Child Development Psychology

  • Advanced Cognitive and Biological Psychology

  • Advanced Social and Developmental Psychology.

I specialise and have work experience in -​

  • Teaching

  • Assistant Director of a Childrens tuition centre

  • Received Aura TransformationTM which accelerated my awakening, channelling and energy work.

  • Matrix Energetics Course

  • Reiki 

  • Life Coach Certification

  • Participated, assisted and facilitated in Retreats World-Wide

  • Participated, assisted and lead many many Workshops World-wide

  • Educational Transformational Festivals World-Wide, participating and giving workshops

  • Certification in Tantric Body-Work Training for Women X 2

  • University of LIFE

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