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Claire Costello

Creatrix & Channel of
Clear Transmissions®

I envision a world lit up by embodied soul leaders, who are guided by intuition, authenticity, and integrity.

We unite as a world-wide tribe, each one of us sovereign, empowered and abundant on our unique missions to co-create a new earth. 

My clear mission is to help those of you who are female change-makers, leaders and visionaries, to break free from the programs and pains that are holding you back,

so you can create a life as an art from your heart.

Hi! I am Claire. Label-free to be, authentically, me. Dancing to the Unique Rhythm of my Soul and here to help you be unapologetically, radiant you.

Driven by spirit fire, I feel deeply connected to the causes worldwide. My purpose is to support those leading change for a sustainable future. So we can make a powerful impact together.

Committed to showing up authentically, I serve with the deepest devotion -whether one-on-one, group sessions, retreats, or crafting online content—it is always a sacred dance of masculine, feminine, light, dark and ultimately, truth.

Do you feel called to go to your next level? Join me on wild, unique, magical journeys of self-discovery and transformation. Together, we'll dive to the depths of your soul and break through to your next level with clarity, confidence, purpose, and power, guided by the beautiful tapestry of ClearTransmissions®.

Client Love

Deb testimonial .jpg

Claire is such a beautiful pure clear channel, mega-gifted healer and transformation coach; and she is one of the most beautiful hearted people I have ever met too! I have had many sessions with Claire and recommend her a million per cent, especially if you’re looking for support with the next level of anything!

Deborah Peirson

Heidi Testimonial.jpg

Claire is one of the most gifted, wise and loving healers I have ever had the honor to meet. The work she does is absolutely profound. All done with Joy, Respect, and Love

AnnaMeika photo testimonial .jpg

Claire is a sparkle 🌈⭐ a true gem and powerful light, with unique gifts and abilities to clear, dissolve, transmute, strengthen, channel, and empower us! 🙌
It truly starts the moment you say YES to a session with her!

Annemeike Maria

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

My Journey: From Shadows to Shining Sovereignty

Born on the mystical Celtic lands of Ireland in 1987, I was part of a wave of Indigo children destined to transform the world. From an early age, I experienced life through a unique lens, seeing colors flow from my mother's mouth, feeling the presence of spirits, and playing with fairies in the trees. These gifts brought both wonder and overwhelming sensitivity.

My early life was marked by trauma and upheaval. My mother and I fled abusive relationships, including with my father, eventually moving to England. Despite my mother's endless love, my heart broke again at twelve when my stepdad left due to alcoholism. To numb the pain, I turned to drinking and partying.


In 2011, I went through a profound transformation. I abandoned my unhealthy lifestyle for a path of health, movement medicine, and spiritual exploration. By 2012, I left my corporate career, shed my possessions, and embarked on a pilgrimage to India with little money but immense faith.

With Spirit as my guide and teacher, I traveled to over 15 countries, learning, studying, and sharing Clear Transmissions®. Similar to the path of the wounded healer, my journey involved intense personal healing and transformation, which now fuels my mission to help others.

From planetary grid work to 1-on-1 sessions, I facilitated profound transformations, which still blow me away. This evolved into global energy field upgrades, workshops, and sacred circles.

Motherhood in 2021 marked my most significant initiation, calling for deeper authenticity. The past three years have been a raw integration of shadow and light, masculine and feminine, embracing the messy beauty of being human.

We travelled together as a family and spent almost a year in Bali, which broke my heart.

Today, Clear Transmissions® stands rebranded and reborn. Fueled by a profound commitment to our planet's well-being, I empower change-makers, earth lovers, and way-showers to rise into embodied leadership, shaping a brighter future for all.

Join me on this journey of self-discovery and transformation. Let's dive deep into your soul, break through to your next level with clarity, confidence, purpose, and power, and co-create a new Earth illuminated by embodied soul leaders.

Fun Facts about me-


Astrology - Aries Sun, Virgo Moon, Libra Ascendant-

Numerology life path - 3!-

Human Design - Manifesting Generator 6/2

I am a massive lover of dance, nature, laughter and ceremonial cacao (totally addicted!)

Profile Pic .jpg

Claire's Qualifications, Training and Experience


  • Psychology with Sociology Bsc (Hons) Degree

  • Social and Lifespan Developmental Psychology

  • Cognitive and Biological Psychology

  • Research Methods and Statistics

  • Psychology Research Project

  • Professional Practice in Psychology

  • Child Development Psychology

  • Advanced Cognitive and Biological Psychology

  • Advanced Social and Developmental Psychology.

I specialise and have work experience in -​

  • Teaching

  • Assistant Director of a Childrens tuition centre

  • Received Aura TransformationTM which accelerated my awakening, channelling and energy work.

  • Matrix Energetics Course

  • Reiki 

  • Life Coach Certification

  • Participated, assisted and facilitated in Retreats World-Wide

  • Participated, assisted and lead many many Workshops World-wide

  • Educational Transformational Festivals World-Wide, participating and giving workshops

  • Certification in Tantric Body-Work Training for Women X 2

  • University of LIFE

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