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Client Love

Claire is truly an amazing powerful being on a love mission on this planet

Xavier Forceville , Australia

Aimee Testimonial.jpeg

I have known and been working with Claire for a few years now,

I can not recommend her enough. 

I think so highly of her and so grateful to have her in my life.

Claire is non-judgmental,  so caring and positive.

She is a real life pure angel she has an amazing energy and can really heal and unblock you.

She has helped me in so many ways. 

Every session has helped even if you don’t feel it straight away.

Working on yourself is a life long thing and with Claire I get through it all faster and with confidence that I Am evolving and going in the right direction. 

I’m Learning, appreciating and she helping me to love my journey.

Thankyou Claire 🥰❤

Roos Testimonial 1.jpg

Claire is an amazing intuitive guide and healer her transmissions are so super powerful and healing. I highly recommend her for 1-1 sessions and group sessions her sparkling energy will give you so much Clarity for your body mind and soul journey. So if you feel the calling to work with her please give yourself this amazing transmissions. 


With Infinite love 

Roos Kok, Bali & Holland

Djai testimonial.jpg

I am always focused on living my fullest potential path and what I integrated in the healing with Claire is something I still carry with me till this day on. I never met such a powerful and effective energy healer. I know a lot of light workers but I could feel Claire works on DNA level and beyond. Also a very light, loving and razor-sharp reading on my ascension process. She might give the best activation for your evolution into a Rainbow Crystal Clear Being

Djai Heijn, Ubud

Louise Testimonial .jpg

I received my first clear transmission with Claire September 2014 . I asked the Angels for guidance and support and they presented Claire, it was very magically synchronised. The clear transmission was like no other energy session I have had . Through the session many feelings and emotions came up . One feeling was that a big shadow had been lifted out of me . The week following the session was intense like the volume had been turned up a lot shifted and changed for me, I quit my job and moved towns it all happened very fast and felt right. I used the clear tools to keep me balanced and at peace with the next steps . I have to say a year and a half later my whole life has changed, I feel I am living a life aligned with spirit guided by what feels right for me not guided by what society tells us . I now trust . I feel happy and confident in myself unlike before and full of love for myself and other and the situations I am in . Claire has been amazing support. I just recently had a shorter session this time we connected over Skype not in person . It felt like she was there with me in the room . Following that session I feel a lot lighter and clearer with the decisions I’m making . Thank you Claire may many other people be gifted with your gift

Louise Haysom, Thailand

Spiral Testimonial.jpg

Working with Claire has changed my life dramatically. After my one-on-one session with her, I felt an immediate, palpable change in my entire being. I now feel completely connected to the divine and supported in every way. It’s a knowing that’s hard to describe, but it’s there, in my heart. Where I once felt stuck, I know feel more freedom and completely optimistic about my own personal path and growth. As a healer, Claire’s personality is that of pure light and warmth. She offers gentle guidance and consistent support during and after the session. She is my sister for life and I will always be grateful for her gifts. Thank you, Claire.

Spiral, U.S.A

Alice Testimonial.jpg

“Claire changed my life. Her sessions were so deeply powerful and created much needed lasting shifts in me. Her deep interactive listening whilst clearing energy paths has set me on a new course in life where I become ever more in tune with my own inner truth and direction. Her clear transmissions energy work is unparalleled and ACTUALLY WORKS. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone… just anyone. Expect an authentic, heart open, honoured space where you will feel seen, heard and healed..”

Alice Bird, London

James Testimonial .jpg

I received Claire's group transmission today it was beautiful. As deep and as transformative as previous groups and 1 on 1 sessions that I have received from Claire for the last few years, always a powerful push into my soul's next step. The energy dropped in as soon as she started talking. Claire shared so authentically her journey about how she learned and how she stays aligned in her life to her highest vision. You can really see all the work she has done to truly understand inside what is her truth and her way. She then walked us all through a powerful energtic clearing which up rooted some deep energies and released them. Giving me great access for my own truth to be seen more clearly. To finish Claire gave a very key exercise and explained the exercise very well how to help tune into your own truth and path, in any situation. I have been in the healing arts for more the 10years and I would highly recommend her if you are called at all. She has the power of the angels with her. James

James Milne, Australia

Yellow Water Lily

“Thank you for your amazing support and incredible service work!
You’re truly a life changing, door opening healer. Namaste!I was just telling you how extrordinary the results of the January Transmissions were for me.

I am a singer songwriter and my creativity exploded to a whole new level of expression. I felt awake and aware in a way I have not felt before. You are Amazing!

I am so deeply grateful to you for the space you hold with this powerful, meaningful soul work. I feel so much gratitude to you for the privledge of being able to do this work. Thank you for your wisdom, depth, and compassion.

Looking forward to another exciting and meaningful journey

I am still riding the joyous and powerful waves of integration from the incredible Clear Transmissions healings of last week.
Deep healings, clearings, epiphanies, and awakenings are happening on a moment to moment basis. It’s exhilarating! You are one powerful shamaness!!!!!
I too am soooo delighted to have had the sacred opportunity to experience clear transmissions. My heart overflowing with gratitude to you and spirit…

Wendy U.S


“Claire dear, I am so grateful for your clear transmission session today! It was life changing and I really needed your focus, this high vibe energy, the right questions and the transformations! Wow wow wow! So powerful! "

Orsolya - Vienna

Hedda Testimonial.jpg

When I met Claire in the mountains of Spain I had a lot of pain and traumas in my womb. The support, guidance and love I recieved from her during our healing session was so so safe and in abundance. The pain disappeared and I could feel that a lot of my trauma was healed. I have hard time trusting people but with her I could fully let go and just surrender❤️ Claire’s magnificent gift of holding space is the best I have been to - I can warmly recommend her!

Hedda  Vatten, Spain

Karen Testimonial.jpg

“If you are looking for deep healing and spiritual growth – Claire is one of the best I have ever met. The Rolls Royce.  She has helped me transform my life in a very profound way, helping me letting go of old pains and unresolved issues, that where in the way of true happiness in life. A session with Claire can be described as taking a dip in the wonderful ocean of bliss and coming home to yourself. I will continue working with her, since it is allows me to discover myself more deeply and rise to a whole new level.”

Karen, Sweden

Israel Testimonial .jpg

I had done quite a bit of work on myself by the time I met Claire and received her Clear Transmission, and didn’t expect such a drastic shift in my life as a result of her treatment. During the session, I began to experience memories of old pains and unresolved issues coming naturally to the surface. Tears started to flow almost before the session began. In the days after the session, I experienced greater awareness and resolution of some things which had been getting in the way of my efforts and my interactions with others, things I wasn’t even aware of before. Each day since, I’ve experienced more peace and ease of interaction than I’ve ever had before. It has allowed me to move into a deeper level of self discovery and personal growth than I thought possible.

Israel B, Bali

Geri Testimonial.jpg

“I wish to say my sessions with Claire have transformed my perception of my self and restored a positive relationship with me! I had believed that I was a burden, a failure and after my first session, in particularly when we talked about how I was as a child, I had the revelation that as a child I was spontaneous, joyous, happy, loving, trusting & a dancer! I am still like this now, but I have boundaries in place now. I am grateful for that restoration as it released more joy in me! So thank you. I released sadness also that day & received happiness instead!! I am eternally grateful for your love & the inspiration of whom you are beautiful Claire”

Geri Mee, U.K

Kristi Testimonial.jpg

“Wow, wow, wow!!!!  I absolutely loved it and it was exactly what I needed right now.  It felt like this comforting fire glowing inside me and I knew, without a doubt, that I was in alignment with my path.  Everything that I have been through, the lessons I learned, relationships made, etc., was validated with this energy…it felt like I have been given a “reward” of some type.  It was just so comforting…it guided me to be a bit more disciplined but other than that I felt a strong confidence and wise love soaring in my spirit. Great gratitude is pouring from me right now to you Claire….thank you so much for this.  It has brought me to a new level of self-love and worth.  I understand clearly now why I have had the experiences I have had in the last few months…How beautiful Claire…..I love you so much for this…..thank you, thank you, thank you!”  
Kristi, Germany

Kristi, Germany


‘Claire is a wonderful coach in a deep process of growth for me. I know I choose the depth of my spiritual path myself, but that does not mean I have to do without support. One of my most valuable things I learned is to ask for support, that it is ok to not do it on my own and the importance of sisterhood. I could see the growth myself, but sometimes I felt so overwhelmed by the process..

The safe space to share and be vulnerable with Claire was open, warm and without this I would have felt completely lost and lonely at times. I could always reach out for her support, she was there. As well to celebrate a lot of insights, fun, pleasure and gratitude for the wins together.

The safe space she creates, makes it possible to do such deep processes. The kind reminders she gave me to focus on what is really important. Especially when I got out of alignment, how to go back to my grounding and inner wisdom. 

Clear tools to support my balance in day to day life are powerful and so supportive to learn and know to use. She is willing to share these tools so empowering.

Deep cleansing in my family lineages, be able to share at any time my insights, doubts, fears, celebrations with a sister is powerful for us woman. We need sisterhood and Claire is amazing as a sister. I can highly recommend Claire as a coach. Deeply empowering.’

Hennie Timmerman, Holland

Deb testimonial .jpg

“ I wanted share my journey since being part of your clear transmissions on New Year’s Day from the UK!

I must admit I thought the effects would be mainly spiritual and emotional but it has been a whole lot more physical and also mental that I don’t think i expected – a whole lot of physical stuff – cystitis (feeling peed off I had to laugh at that one ), stomach aches, bowels gurgling , kidneys aching, soles of feet pains and lots of tingling over days – some dizziness on and off for few days. Lots of restlessness in my body – some agitation & restless legs, & restless me (not being able to sit for long).

Usual foods making me sick and gassy – wanting water, soup, and more homemade veggie soup, smoothie, fresh air – lots of breath releasing, high pitched singing too?!

Have wanted to sing random high pitched notes like in opera very funny but amazingly in tune, never in tune normally – lol!!

Shaking body on a couple of days which freaked me a bit and I focused lots then on your grounding tools – what helped was shaking out my limbs, moving dancing, squatting and planting my feet firmly, yoga poses, and lots of meditation – asking my guides and helpers to help ease the clearing effects – reaching up in the sky helped a lot too weird but went with it ha ha!

Patience was very very low, feeling of being on edge and that everything was wrong in my life – also I’m a pescatarian but moved to Vegetarian no longer could stand eating poor fishies!

I had several Dreams that felt half awake half asleep.

…and after I’d say 3 weeks most of that has started to go – and what I’m feeling now is so much love!!!! For myself, for everyone around me – I’m talking straight from my heart it just comes out I hear myself talking passionately it’s fantastic!! People are looking at me differently because of it it’s funny!!

And also I can all of a sudden feel people’s energy really clearly what they’re feeling!! it’s strange I can feel how they feel and I can see what I’m going to do next – I never expected that!!!!

Also I’m seeing the world at a deeper level and my mind seems to ask what’s behind it when someone tells me something (instead of just accepting it). This is happening all the time and it’s fascinating!

I have more Sensitivity to noise volume, and light it seems which is strange but am trying to avoid for now when I can lol!

And I’ve found ive needed to be on my own more at times but it’s such a journey and even though it’s been hard and quite uncomfortable at times it’s been awesome I love it!!!!!

Oh Synchronicity has also increased and I feel I’m being guided more clearly.

Definitely a Theme of energy clearing and building on me at the moment fascinating – hard, painful, awe inspiring, exciting!

And so…..
I’m now aware of needing balance in my life and saying yes more to opportunities and saying no to too many commitments for others – to put myself first, loving myself, really taking special care and attention for myself. That’s a Totally New way of being! So Enjoying it! Closer relationship with husband too feels like we’re both expanding – didn’t think it would effect him too who knew!!

And Lastly (I promise!) i seem to have developed a Keen awareness on sound therapy and crystal healing – that’s come completely out of nowhere so I’m going to explore that! I’m feeling a bit restless now with my job and it keeps coming into my mind that I want to be doing energy healing and want to be with crystals which is new for me! I work with children’s health services at the moment in a business transformation role so it would be a total change!! I’ll have to give it some thought!

So dearest Claire – thank you thank you thank you – from the whole of my heart, spirit and soul for your beautiful transmissions and guidance and service and help and growth I thank you so so very much and wish you so many blessings!”  

Deb Amara, England

Ruty Testimonial_edited.jpg

“Ahh Claire,… my body trembling…why do I burst in tears…(the release)
When I went ‘ under’, it was cloudy & grey. When I surfaced an hour ago- ( can’t wait to get back to sleep. might, but time moves.) it’s the Most Exquisite day . ALL CLEARED !!!..”.

I Thank Spirit for creating my crossing with Claire- knowing fully, that I fathom not my quantum Blessing here. just knowing it’s Immeasurable Here, I KNOW. I arrived at a safe (unattached) light Being.

Blessfully, I didn’t need to assess the authenticity , the pure essence transmitted to me by Claire. not having to worry about low vibrations attaching itself to True Essence. I call it “lacing” of undetected low frequencies which are transmitted with Love Essence/Cosmic Light.

In my experience If a medium is open to lower vibrations, – unknowingly (in most cases but charlatanism is active)this transmits harmful energies/ thought forms which are detrimental to our well Being. tricky & most undesired.

After my clearing it wasn’t/ isn’t easy sailing . Trust & perseverance is what helps. persist & pursue. no easy pills. it’s a deep, profound operation . we been around long. this is a strong & thorough activation to clear mountain ranges of debris. I find this tool has the capacity to deliver results.

for us who live in a picnic mode-we might be delusional. need to look deep .each person is unique , on a step of one’s own. Grasping a spade full of ‘ progress’ /giant leaps, might cause many unresolved grains to fall by unattended to, they’ll demand attention later.

No escape. it seems to me one have to engage the finger nails. thru every grain of soiled leftover(…!!!). no other way.A short cut can lead to a long groove a head.

Clair’s work unearth those grains (in a safe way per given person, some more, some less)

Thank you Claire, for serving Light’s Essence on Earth . This is (in my experience) Spirit’s Magic Wand. Gratitude

Let the Light Expand- in the NOW – .(C L E A R I N G= Celebrate Light Emergence –Alpha Rays Infusion- Now Glowing.) R.T. Earth..

Ruty, Cape Town

steiner testimonial.jpg

“This one was an eye-opener to me around parallell lives or what actually came up as soul-offspring.
I was present throughout and it came up to use the same journey out into space as I lead in my last workshop on the 26th of Dec in Sanur. Used it there to initiate the “Inner Dance” session I am now close to being certified for.
So, after going into a feeling of emptiness (not totally, mostly an empty shell body) I journeyed in this cocoon out into space and was instantly magnetized to what came up as a Pleiadian planet. I landed right in this home and soon enough I realized I came to be the soul for their kid in the making. I circled the room, outside and into the female tummy, then around and zooming in and out to observe this place, until I was empty enough to now become their offspring – albeit more in the way of leaving a soul offspring there. It came alive, smiled inside out, clearly carrying my energy with it. Albeit now, I was in communication with his(/her) parents as well.
There was real communication with me too, or a wise representative perhaps. That part was after they made love and actually fertilized the egg to become the new baby: Soul preparation before conception.
They were both highly conscious, her name coming up as Avana but his more shadowy (Fring came up but I am unsure). They were told about this being a special soul entering, by a voice beside me, as the universe, with words that came through me first. A bit odd, but fine .-) They knew most of what was said already, so no problem, mostly a lovely confirmation and a ceremony.
I later realized the connection with my offspring is not important for some time to come. Then, Avana vowed to pay homage in return by showing up as a kick-ass master in my life here on earth, to help with the last turn of events for mastery. At some point it sounded like she would be girlfriend and according to my wish, then my current girlfriend would be “in” on that and fine with it (me leaving or whatever). She smiled as it would be some earth time before she arrived, preparations had to be made but it would be close to an instant for her.
After that journey, which became my one time check at 90 mins, I journeyed through the sun, our own sun. In its core was this energetic paradise/kingdom that had many awesome souls residing. I played with one female there, perhaps Avana.
It was quite a ride… I feel tranquil and upbeat after the session….Awesome journey, thanks for the amazing gift given!

Steiner Sanata Almelid, Bali

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