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Awaken your Intuition for Clear Decision Making!

Special Magical Workshop!

How to make Clear Decisions more easily, where you can trust they are right for you and feel good about them!! Using your IGS....

We all have an Internal Guidance System (IGS) that we can choose to listen, trust and follow with profound accurate results every time.

This can also be described as our intuition, instinct, gut response, true self, soul and I am sure there are more descriptions.

When we can learn our own unique language that is guiding us from within, we can live so much more at peace, purpose and clear in our direction.

Alignments & Tools to Live your Truth & Full BEing YES

  • Healing, Clearing, Meditation and Workshop. 

  • Alignment and Magical Tools for you to tap into your personal full body YES

  • Feel clear and confident on choosing the path of your truth and ideal reality 

Image by Jen Theodore

Intuition is an inner knowing that occurs without the use of reasoning. Voice of the soul. A higher level intelligence.

We all have the capability of intuition but many have a difficult time quieting the internal chatter so they can actually listen to what our internal guidance is telling them.

And it can be amazingly unique for you. And this can take time and practice to establish this relationship with your self to learn this language that wants to come through you and how to truly listen and to trust it.

I have an online workshop coming up (see below) that will teach you tools for how to listen to your internal guidance system, receive clear answers and how to receive your unique confirmations... because often when we do receive an intuition, our mind can get in the way and doubt and sometimes it is hard to discern

  • Is that my mind or intuition?

  • Is it a blockage or truth?

  • Is it my inner child trying to rule the show?

  • Or a quiet part of intuition?

There are soo many factors that can get in the way, especially when there are too many things going on, it can be so confusing and overwhelming making a choice!

What I am going to share with you is a stress-freeing tool that can become a daily fun practice of establishing a relationship with yourself and connection to your internal compass of which direction to take for a most fulfilled life. 

Client feedback

Alice Testimonial.jpg

Claire changed my life. Her sessions were so deeply powerful and created much needed lasting shifts in me. Her deep interactive listening whilst clearing energy paths has set me on a new course in life where I become ever more in tune with my own inner truth and direction. Her Clear Transmissions energy work is unparalleled and ACTUALLY WORKS. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone… just anyone. Expect an authentic, heart open, honoured space where you will feel seen, heard and healed..”
Alice Bird, London

Alice, London

James Testimonial .jpg

I received Claire's group transmission today it was beautiful. As deep and as transformative as previous groups and 1 on 1 sessions that I have received from Claire for the last few years, always a powerful push into my soul's next step. The energy dropped in as soon as she started talking. Claire shared so authentically her journey about how she learned and how she stays aligned in her life to her highest vision. You can really see all the work she has done to truly understand inside what is her truth and her way. She then walked us all through a powerful energtic clearing which up rooted some deep energies and released them. Giving me great access for my own truth to be seen more clearly. To finish Claire gave a very key exercise and explained the exercise very well how to help tune into your own truth and path, in any situation. I have been in the healing arts for more the 10years and I would highly recommend her if you are called at all. She has the power of the angels with her.

James, Australia

Roos Testimonial 1.jpg

Claire is an amazing intuitive guide and healer her transmissions are so super powerful and healing. I highly recommend her for 1-1 sessions and group sessions her sparkling energy will give you so much Clarity for your body mind and soul journey. So if you feel the calling to work with her please give yourself this amazing transmissions. 

With Infinite love 

Rose, Bali

Derek Testimonial.jpg

This workshop was so powerful I found myself using it right away and even teaching it to my own clients.

Derek Loudermilk, U.S

Join us Saturday 5th September @ 1.11pm - 2.44pm U.K Time

In this workshop you learn how to listen and follow YOUR unique inner compass, make quicker decisions and save weeks of wasted time so you can focus on enjoying the paths you choose with confidence it is right for you! 

Spaces are limited so I can provide personal feedback and answer your questions. 

Includes homework, a free alignment meditation to take away and special options for ongoing support!




What you pay is a seed of intention, a self-investment and may it multiply back to you. Thank you. 

10% goes to TreeSisters to cool down our earth and directly help replenish the world's forests!

Once booked you will receive an email with zoom login details

Come join us! 


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