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ClearTransmissions® - A shamanic journey

FEEL in your body as you read this.. Spiral within on a unique journey, to the depths of your darkness, And connect to your purest light. Layer upon layer, We dive deeper together, Rage, hate, blame, It is all hidden and stuck in there. Grief, guilt, shame, Denial causes the most pain. Patterns, beliefs, negative self-talk, Head spinning, overwhelming, its exhausting! Inner children, parts of us unexpressed, Lost, neglected, scared, Calling out to be loved & heard. It feels worse when we resist, When we numb, ignore, hide away, Doing anything to not feel, see or let it be expressed, Instead it gets increasingly suppressed, Causing anxiety, fear & internal conflict, Creating stagnant stuck blockage. Eventually, if not addressed, Leads to physical illness, pain & stress, And possibly an early death. So we must face our shadows, Feel, love and acknowledge, All the dark & light within, Embrace, accept and integrate, To be our whole authentic selves. 🌀 ClearTransmissions® opens a portal for you to enter, I open a safe sacred container, Ancestors, Ascended Masters & Angels gather... Release the burdens of the past, Unwind, unlock, unblock, Discover the root causes, Past lives, ancestral, childhood traumas, Reprogram the old stories, Clear the clogs, Harmonising your aura, Unveil the fog. Heal, transform, upgrade, Create a brand new slate! You are now free! What do you wish to create? Awaken, activate & align, Soul codes, gifts, super-powers, It's time to SOUL-SHINE! Turn your pain into power, Create your Life As an Art from your Heart, Be the Leader of your Life, Today is the best day to start! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

How does reading this ClearTransmissions® journey feel in your body?? Any activation? Discomfort? Sensation? Curiosity? a YES I am ready for my next level or AGH that sounds scary!?? Respond YES or AGH below or Message me to learn more 💞

With Love & Magic,

Claire Costello

Founder of Clear Transmissions®

- Be Clear & Shine on your Mission-

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