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Medicine sharing - 1#LoveMedicine – Living from the Heart. ♥️

The medicines I will be sharing over the next couple of weeks will not be in order of importance, as this may be different for different people. But I would say that Love is number 1. Would you agree?

💞Love transforms all. 💝

Only when we take time out of the noise, busyness and distractions, can we fully drop in, feel and hear the wisdom and guidance of our hearts. Many people around the world are off work at this time, what a perfect opportunity to slow down, meditate, tune into our hearts and use its love for healing and sharing. ❣

For some this needs to be a daily practice of being in the heart. Our heart can become blocked, closed and guarded due to past traumas, hurt, loss, pain, rejection etc that we habitually close our hearts to protect ourselves from being hurt again.

By recognising these patterns, feeling the stuck emotions and transforming these energies, our hearts will open to give and receive more Love.

We can open our hearts through intention, visualisation and using our hands to send out your own unique healing essence to transform the energy to the highest vibration of Love Go to my FREE ClearTools, simply on my website, for more heart opening practices (near bottom of the cleartools page).

Simply by being in the potent vibration of LOVE, (which requires self-love and self-care!) this is rippling out across the whole world.

The world is needing our love, to transform fear, especially now, and always. Many are social distancing, isolated, feeling alone- however we can still unite through our hearts❣

Go to the Crystalline Heart Grid blog to learn how you can connect, give and receive LOVE-Medicine to thousands or more world-wide through the crystalline heart grid – it includes a fully free meditation to connect as many people in this healing heart vibration as possible. 💝🎁🌍 Share the love medicine, tag some friends and comment below, thank you 🎁🥰🙏🌷

Picture - early morning run in the forest by my house, aligning the crystalline heart grid with this fairy tree home! Such a magical place, sharing this love and magic with you all xx

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